Gangs Members in Sweden are Overwhelmingly Migrants

Mass migration from non-European countries has become a major problem across the West. It’s not just the United States that’s suffering these problems, largely the product of the Hart-Cellar Act, Europe is also facing a similar mass migration dilemma. 

In a report by Denes Albert of Remix News, Sweden is shown to be no stranger to this phenomenon. According to Amir Rostami, an associate professor and senior lecturer in criminology at the University of Gävle in Sweden, the majority of urban gangs in Sweden are solely made up immigrants. Rostami used police data to come to these conclusions. 

Sweden has become notorious for the rise of gang activity and other maladies brought about by mass migration. 

“It is not enough for many immigrants to come to Sweden from a less developed country and enjoy the benefits. They want excitement and want to get rich quickly,” declared Rostami.

Rostami broke down these gang groups into two categories. On one hand, there are disorganized criminals usually between the ages of 20 and 25 who are impulsive, less educated, and primarily sell drugs and weapons. 

On the other hand, there are more level-headed members who participate in more complex criminal networks. Some of these people have white collar backgrounds as accountants. Others are military veterans.

While these criminal networks are often rivals, they are also known to work with each other.

One thing that Ramani observed is that migrant gang activity is a family enterprise. In other words, fathers and other male relatives teach young males in their family the basics of criminal activity. 

In Rostami’s view, trying to break these individuals from these criminal milieus is an uphill battle. There simply aren’t enough resources to achieve this goal.

According to police figures, the number of people participating in gang crimes in “sensitive areas” are over 5,000. Of those 5,000 individuals, nearly a 1,000 live in Gothenburg. 

Per Swedish police, nearly all registered criminals possess criminal backgrounds. In addition, Rostami noted that all of Sweden’s convicted gang chieftains are either first-or second-generation migrants. 

12 of these gang leaders are still doing time in prison. 

This is what multiculturalism looks like. From Washington DC to Stockholm, Western leaders need to recognize that mass migration is not a social experiment worth preserving. It will undoubtedly lead to the very destruction of the Western nations that our predecessors made the ultimate sacrifices for. 

The easiest way to prevent such a fate is by America First elected officials putting forward an immigation moratorium

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