Gavin McInnes Gets Doxxed by Antifa, Plays Hilarious Voicemails on Podcast

Gavin McInness is the latest New Right media personality to be doxxed by the radical left after his phone number was posted by popular Antifa-related Twitter account Smash Racism DC on Monday night.

Followers of Smash Racism DC were encouraged to call or text CRTV’s Gavin McInnes with messages about “white genocide,” resulting in McInnes receiving hundreds of voicemails from radicalized leftists, many of which he played on his podcast Get Off My Lawn.

McInnes states that the owners of the Smash Racism DC account are two prominent leftists. The founder of Smash Racism DC is the disgraced college professor Mike Isaacson, who received national notoriety after saying it was “a privilege to teach future dead cops.” Isaacson made news again today when he advocated the assassination of Vice President Mike Pence on Twitter.

The second person McInnes named behind the account is Lacy MacAuley, the leader of D.C. Antifa who traveled to Turkey and was raped and beaten repeatedly while dating a Muslim man.

Many of the callsĀ  suggested McInnes believed in or feared white genocide, something he steadfastly denied on the podcast, noting that he has three multiracial children and is married to an American Indian woman.

Many of the callers took Smash Racism DC’s direction to refer to white genocide in their messages, and left cringe worthy, racist voicemails.

“God bless white genocide,” started one caller, “you f**king cave monkeys are through.” Moments later, “white genocide is awesome!” chimed in another.

“I just wanted to tell you how much I really, really f**king love white genocide,” started another voicemail. The caller then went on to describe his relationship with an Asian woman, telling McInnes he planned to make “non-white babies.”

In a high pitched voice, another caller declared, “F**k the Proud Boys, f**k you, communism will win.”

“You white, dumb motherf**ker!” another shouted, continuing the pattern of racial insults.

For McInnes’ part, he had hoped the insults would refer to something he was actually passionate about or had said.

“This is the problem with this bubble world where we don’t talk to each other,” noted McInnes, “you’re able to go off on this communist tangent of propaganda and assume your enemy’s obsession is white genocide.” He continued that he believes “the focus in America should be ideas,” and that America became “the best” by “not wasting their time with race.”

McInnes and his group, the Proud Boys, were recently banned from Twitter for unspecified hate speech. He hosts various shows on CRTV, and has previously been seen on Rebel.Media and Compound Media.

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