Gavin McInnes Gets Kicked Off YouTube

Censored.TV reported that its host, Gavin McInnes, has been banned from YouTube.

The decision was made despite McInnes “spending 15 years on YouTube, posting 155 videos, and amassing over 30 million views and 350,000 subscribers.”

McInnes’s ban is part of a broader campaign organized by the Far Left to destroy any meaningful dissent from the Right. McInnes was also kicked off from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

In an email notice, YouTube asserted that McInnes was banned for “inciting violence against another person or group “ and “creating content that encourages hatred of another person or group of people.”

McInnes has received constant attacks from the Left for his creation of the Proud Boys, a fraternity of American nationalists of all racial and religous backgrounds. This group has been a constant target of the Left and its media allies.

The post on highlighted the following ways for people to still follow Gavin:

Thankfully, for fans of Gavin, they can still access content from him on Bitchute, and by subscribing to Censored.TV for only $10 a month.

He also maintains a presence on Parler, the free speech alternative to Twitter, along with Telegram.

McInnes claims the attacks against him have been on the rise recently days “due to deep state officials looking to shift blame from left-wing rioters to anybody on the right”, which he breaks down below:

They’ve been coming down hard on me this past week. A painter in New Zealand was canceled for painting me. A pizzeria who was feeding cops and low income housing had those programs canceled for appearing on my show – and now this. Someone is very scared of what I plan to do next and I think it’s related to the riots. They’re convinced I’m about to start a civil war. Maybe worry about the people currently burning down your city and stop focusing 100% of your resources on someone who might stop them.

The TV host has been one of the most prominent figures of the Dissident Right in the last decade or so and went lengths in exposing political correctness like no other figure on the mainstream Right would ever dare to.

Censored.TV covers the entire situation here.

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