Gavin McInnes Suspended On Instagram After Daily Beast Smear

After being smeared by The Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer, Big League Politics can confirm that conservative commentator Gavin McInnes has been suspended from Instagram. At the time of his ban, his account had over 150,000 followers. Instagram did not give a reason for the suspension, but it comes a short while after he was banned on Twitter for violating their policy on “violent extremist groups.”

The account, which was home to mostly pictures from his day-to-day life, also featured posts promoting his CRTV show Get Off My Lawn, as well as posts about the Proud Boys, a fraternal organization he founded in 2016.

Sommer’s Daily Beast article headlined “Instagram Is the Alt-Right’s New Favorite Haven,” discusses a number of figures who would not describe themselves as “alt-right.” Among them are Alex Jones, who was banned from Facebook and Twitter earlier this year, comedian Owen Benjamin, and conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos.

The article begins discussing the alleged Synagogue shooter who murdered 11 people people over the weekend who had an account on Gab, a completely separate social network, and then quickly shifts to to discussing the aforementioned figures, and the terrible crime they are committing by using a social networking service.

While McInnes is the only of those figures to be suspended, the others could be next. Big League Politics spoke to Yiannopoulos about the story, and in response he blasted journalists like Sommer as the most effective and dangerous political operatives in the Democrat Party, saying:

“This is now a tried and tested “reporting” strategy from CNN and the Daily Beast: One, confect outrage about a few innocuous jokes from a couple of right-wing people. Two, string together your own bulls*** as evidence of a “trend.” Finally, start amping up the pressure on that social network to drop the banhammer on an entire political movement for the crime of expressing themselves in a light-hearted way, on the basis of headlines that upon inspection reveal nothing more than an edgy sense of humor among conservative media figures. Journalists at these publications are the most effective and dangerous political operatives the Democrat Party has.” 

This is just the latest left-wing attack on free speech.

Big League Politics reached out to Will Sommer for comment, but he (surprisingly politely) declined to speak to us.

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