Gavin Newsom’s Anti-Gun Amendment Passed California Senate Committee On Public Safety

Towards the end of August the California State Senate’s Committee on Public Safety passed California Governor Gavin Newsom’s national constitutional gun amendment. Three senators voted in favor of the amendment, while one voted against it, and another abstained from voting. 

The resolution enjoys significant support in both chambers of the California State Assembly. Moreover, it pushes for the invocation of an Article V Constitutional Convention that would effectively make California’s gun control laws a national standard. Several of the proposed reforms include the implementation of universal background checks, prohibiting gun ownership to almost all individuals under 21, establishing a minimum waiting period prior to a gun being transferred to a buyer, and prohibiting “assault weapons and other weapons of war.” 

For a constitutional convention to occur, two thirds of state legislatures in the nation would have to pass resolutions calling for a convention. Similarly, for this amendment to be ratified, two thirds of states would have to vote in favor of the amendment. 

The passage of such a resolution is expected for a staunchly anti-gun state such as California. It’s ranked in 48th place in Guns & Ammo magazine’s best states for gun owners rankings. This explains why such a radical anti-gun amendment proposal would pass so easily in the state assembly. 

All told, California should serve as a stark warning to the rest of the nation of what happens when citizens grow complacent and allow their government to run roughshod over their rights.

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