Gay Rights Group At British University Wants to Put People in Gulags

A gay rights group at Goldsmiths University of London threatened at Twitter user who disagreed with it, saying that the group would send the user to the gulag.

“All right, going off Natacha’s brilliant idea, pls see below for a list of TERFs to add to your block chains,” the group said on Twitter.


A TERF is a Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist, a group of feminists that claims that trans-women are biologically men, and therefore not women. This is fairly solid logic, given that there are only two sexes, and those sexes are determined by chromosomes, but is apparently an extreme view for the hardcore LGBT community members.

“You do know making a list of people and then saying you’re going to purge them sounds a bit fascist, yeah?” said Twitter user @mrkhtake2.

Tthe ever-inclusive gay rights crowd replied in astonishing fashion to the allegations of fascism.

“Nah, well just arrange to send you to the gulag,” the group responded.

It appears that the lack of understanding of the definition of fascism transcends borders. The hard leftists in London, just like the radical left in America – all of whom claim to be fighting for “inclusion” and “tolerance” –  want to kill or imprison anyone with whom they disagree politically. It is a truly remarkable trait.

Big League Politics reached out to Pete Smith, Media Relations Manager for Goldsmiths to see if this behavior violated the school’s code of conduct. Smith did not respond in time for publication.

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