EXCLUSIVE: Simona Papadopoulos Tells BLP About Her Husband’s Set-Up

Big League Politics interviewed Simona Papadopoulos about the details of her husband George’s arrest at Dulles International Airport for obstruction of justice and making false statements. As former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos faces charges, let’s review the Department of Justice case against Papadopoulos.


As stated in the declassified GOP memo on FISA abuse, information about Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos “triggered the opening of an FBI counterintelligence investigation in the late July 2016 by FBI agent Peter Strzok.” Once underway, the investigation was fueled by Christopher Steele’s dossier, which the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) used to get a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant on Carter Page.

Here’s what Simona Papadopoulos told us, in addition to other sources and pieces of information that we collected:

  1. George Papadopoulos, dual citizen of the US and EU, flew in from Germany leaving at 7PM local Munich time to the United States the night before he was arrested. Like all arrests made at the airport by Mueller’s team they all had one thing in common: they all had  appointments or interviews set up with Fox News.
  2. When he was arrested he had been up for more than 24 hrs and put in holding and questioning without a lawyer between 1 am and 8 am until he was brought in front of a judge. Which means that George Papadopoulos was overborne and under duress when speaking with Mueller’s team and trying to recall an alleged conversation that happened in passing over a year ago. and when you are physically and mentally tired from a transatlantic flight being confronted with manufactured evidence you may misspeak and entrapment seems to be the driving force.
  3. The conversation that “triggered” the Counterintelligence Operation Crossfire Hurricane happened in May 2016 , and the FBI supposedly knew about in July 2016, BUT the FBI didn’t even interview George Papadopoulos until January 27, 2017 which was almost six months after they liberally used FISA court to issue a barrage of warrants on many members of the Trump Campaign. If George Papadopoulos was indeed the reason Crossfire Hurricane was triggered, why was he not mentioned in the Steele dossier or the original FISA warrant applications or the three intelligence reports?
  4. There are Three Intelligence Community Reports about Russian Election Interference –  none of them even mention George Papadopoulos.
  5. In addition, the fabricated, manufactured DOSSIER which was integral for the FISA warrants issued by Judge Collyer on October 21, 2016 doesn’t mention George Papadopoulos at all.
  6. Mueller put in his recommendation to the court asking for 0-6 months jail time and a maximum fine allowed under the law they were charging him with which is way different than the criminal complaint he was charged with to which he was arrested for with no warrant.  Due process? Does Mueller’s team not have an obligation to follow the RULE OF LAW?
  7. Why just a fortnight or so away from Papadopoulos sentencing would Mueller file a motion to suppress how they found evidence? Why did George agree to it or did he?


George Papadopoulos is a dual citizen of the US and EU and at 7 pm Munich time he flew out from Munich, Germany to Dulles International. Since George is a dual citizen he would have entered customs with EU ID and at the gate shown his US passport for quick boarding. That doesn’t even get scanned at the second entry point most of the time. Thus, George flying back into the US would have been extremely difficult to track UNLESS a warrant was issued and flagged but we know that an arrest warrant wasn’t even issued when he was arrested.

Mueller’s team appeared to court an hour late. That’s the first red flag as to why the Judge didn’t dismiss everything right then and there or hold Mueller’s team in contempt. Then after arriving late, the Mueller team had the warrant, the recently created criminal complaint and order to seal the case all done at the same time. Again, the warrant for arrest and the criminal complaint didn’t exist before that morning.

This is how the case that morning went down :

The Judge, Judge Buchanan formally advised George that he’d been charged in a criminal complaint.  The two charges in the complaint were obstruction of justice and making false official statements. Then George heard Mueller’s team recite the max penalties for each charge as 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine and five years and a $250,000 fine respectively for the aforementioned charges. Oddly enough with all these huge penalties Mueller’s team didn’t want him to be put in prison and an innocent man’s biggest mistake is hoping that without much action the truth will prevail, which is almost never the case especially when a person is a victim of  clear entrapment. Mueller’s team requested both his EU and US passport be surrendered and that he not speak to anyone related to the charges against him. The dialogue went as such:

G. Papadopoulos: “Is it possible to know what individuals and entities” shouldn’t be contacted?

Judge Buchanan: “You’ll have to give him a list”

Mueller Counsel: “Yes, your honor”

Judge Buchanan: “All right. He’ll be released. Thank you”

Needless to say the list is very vague and broad.

Here is the audio of the Judge asking the Mueller team why they were late .

“We have restrictions on who we can speak to, so we have difficulty in even finding a lawyer to help us scrap the plea deal George struck under duress” said Simona Papadopoulos.

Mueller and his team along with the Democrats can’t get their stories straight. The Democrats claim that Papadopoulos’ alleged conversation initiated Crossfire Hurricane investigation by Peter Strzok but they didn’t even question Papadopoulos until 2017? So, how did they substantiate their initiation of the investigation and use it as grounds for the illegal FISA warrants without substantiating if the conversation ever  took place or at least questioned Papadopoulos?

We have the answer, according to sources and other information.

Ever since their FISA warrants and application for surveillance came under question even by the Judges who signed the FISA warrants themselves, the Mueller team and the FBI have been scurrying to figure out how to substantiate the frivolous claim of “loose suspicion” that was never substantiated.  After a trip to London to secure an asset in the presence of Papadopoulos that would go on the record to say such a conversation occurred they found their exit. There was never any mention of Papdopoulos, not even for the FISA warrant for Carter Page in 2016 so that means the Papadopoulos narrative was manufactured retroactively to substantiate their actions. Who filed these fake 302s retroactively?  Strzok. Who approved them? Rosenstein.


Even though the statements from FBI Robert Gibbs and Mueller kind of align there are discrepancies.  The July 28, 2017, affidavit signed by FBI Agent Robert M. Gibbs, and one from the Oct. 5, 2017, Statement of the Offense issued and signed by Robert Mueller.  The affidavit of the FBI agent made it clear that he was questioning Papadopoulos and that it was voluntary but his consent to that would be questionable as he had not slept and could not be in the right frame of mind. As someone who has flown transatlantic numerous times you find yourself drinking the complimentary wine with dinner on the flight like water in hopes of some shut eye. I think this is very important. He was not in capacity to make decisions or talk and of course being awake for 24 hrs, being arrested unexpectedly, jet lagged and maybe a bit off your game because you had one or two mini bottles of wine whatever you say at that point should not even be admissible  because he had no attorney and they didn’t tell him he was under arrest. All they told him was he was being questioned.


According to the FBI, George chatted with some guy on Facebook at some point in 2016, and that the guy was a Russian. In George’s own words he said “he’s nothing,” referring to the guy. In EURO lingo this means, statements about that topic don’t have credibility. We have to remember George is a global traveler and married to an Italian and he is Greek. Euphemisms amongst Southern Europeans are common speech.  Anyone who is culturally Italian, Spanish or Greek can vouch for that raising claim that the statement was taken out of context and not recognized for the value it provided. It reinforced the notion he was probably talking himself up and not taken seriously.

Regardless, Australian diplomat Alexander Downer claims the conversation happened, and Adam Schiff embellished, saying in George’s plea agreement that George made reference to emails, even though Downer never said that. Downer never made such a reference.  Downer also stated that he told Australian intelligence about the conversation but Australian Intelligence denies it and Downer also said he told the FBI directly by way of telling the US embassy in London. The narrative fails to align with timelines and how this “information” was received. But again it doesn’t matter because due process was disregarded and all evidence points to retroactive planting by Strzok.  I will substantiate  this claim further.

The Steele Dossier created around the end of July has almost all the information we find in the affidavit and Mueller’s Statement of Offense  as seen here which further substantiates the notion of retroactively manufacturing George Papadopoulos being the reason surveillance on the Trump campaign occurred.

George Papadopoulos isn’t mentioned in any of the Intelligence Reports and Downer never did say anything to Australian intelligence at the time because no record of such a report exists which means any report and or statements were one sided by the Crossfire Hurricane team which didn’t even mention George Papadopoulos until their FISA warrants, methods and Judges approving them came under scope.  They didn’t think President Trump would win, and they thought the back up plan to nullify his election prior to his inauguration would have been successful. The whole Papadopoulos story manifested just before January 21, 2017.

On August 13, 2018 a motion to suppress how Mueller’s team gathered evidence was filed here and here. This is what prompted Simona Papadopoulos to seek new counsel and scrap the plea deal and fight this because it seems George’s attorney wasn’t working for him. George, unable to work, travel and or conduct business as normal has thrown a huge wrench into his finances. Mueller knows the financial disadvantage George is facing and is most likely taking advantage of it.

Why would George’s lawyer agree to suppress evidence that Mueller supposedly has against George when George himself never saw the evidence? Discovery was never an option for Papadopoulos, why?

At this point it is important to understand just what a huge injustice has been done under very dubious circumstances.  This young man was literally framed as a pawn and since he was innocent never expected to be in the position he is right now and TRUSTED the process which is corrupt and as we’ve seen unfold before our eyes extremely compromised.  In essence a complete overhaul, down to administrative assistants is necessary in the Department of Justice and FBI.

There has been a GOFUND ME account set up to help George fight this corrupt system  and fund an attorney for him to battle it out that was set up by Simona Papadopoulos just hours after reading and understanding what Mueller had done with his Motion to Suppress.  I believe if corrupt, disgraced officials like Comey, McCabe and even Peter Strzok can raise funds an innocent young man used as a prop warrants our assistance. Feel free to donate at :




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