George Soros Claims There’s A “Genuine, International Conspiracy” Against Him in New Interview

Billionaire oligarch George Soros has argued that his political enemies are organizing a “genuine international conspiracy” against him personally in a new interview with Italian magazine La Repubblica published Wednesday, pointing to right-wing movements for orchestrating a plot against him.

There is an actual, genuine international conspiracy against me. So, when I am challenging the same issues for an Open Society throughout the world, like discrimination, racial exclusion, totalitarian regimes, I am not conspiring, I am openly bringing forward the mission of my life. And my enemies learn from each other. And they attack together using similar techniques.

The in-depth profile of the globalist oligarch, who is interviewed by La Repubblica’s Mario Platero, details Soros’ personal life and work operating the Open Society Foundation.

In the interview, Soros refers to President Donald Trump as a “confidence trickster,” maintaining that the President has undermined democracy in the United States through his presidency. He maintains that he’s more concerned about the European Union and right-wing leaders on the continent, pointing to political figures such as Italy’s Matteo Salvini, Hungary’s Viktor Orban, and the Polish Law and Justice Party as potential threats to his vision of neoliberal political domination.

Soros appears to suggest that President Trump could be held criminally liable for supposed crimes in the event he loses the November elections.

So I am confident that Trump will turn out to be a transitory phenomenon, hopefully ending in November. But he remains very dangerous, he’s fighting for his life and he will do anything to stay in power, because he has violated the Constitution in many different ways and if he loses the presidency he will be held accountable.

Soros, who will soon turn 90 years old, refers to the coronavirus pandemic as the most destabilizing global event since World War II. The Hungarian-born financier seems relatively fit for his age, still playing tennis on a regular basis and overseeing his personal foundations.

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