George Soros, 92, Hands Control Of Billion Dollar Open Society Foundations Org To ‘More Political’ 37-Year-Old Son, Alex

In similar fashion to the hit TV show Succession, Billionaire George Soros has handed control of his charitable and political activities to his son, Alexander.

According to Alex, he is “more political” than his father. He also aims to embrace “different causes” with Open Society Foundations; particularly voting rights and abortion rights.

Getting a jump on the action, Alex Soros has reportedly already met with members of the Biden Administration. He has also met with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, in addition to some heads of state like Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


George Soros, 92, has handed control over his $25 billion dollar organization to his 37-year-old son, so the world can expect decades of more heavily politicized interference revolving around – but not limited to – progressive DAs, open borders, and abortion activism.

For example, George Soros is renowned amongst conservatives for his mission to fund ultra-left DAs across the United States of America.

Throughout the past few years, Americans have begun picking up on this dangerous trend, and they are finally beginning to push back against the anti-US globalist and his ultra-left intentions.

George has even admitted he has “no intention of stopping” this funding of DAs. And there is no reason to believe Alex would slow down this funding either.

In another example, and as Big League Politics reported last month, journalist Laura Loomer exposed a Soros-backed Zuckerberg-funded conspiracy that is uniting Republican and Democrat election fraud deniers.

[Loomer] confronted Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) as he headed to the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR) summit. CEIR is a front group organized by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and supported by shadowy liberal financier George Soros that purchased crucial election infrastructure to set up the fraud that marred the 2020 presidential elections in key battleground states nationwide.

Click here to watch the video

The groundbreaking video even caught the eye of Twitter CEO Elon Musk.

There are plenty of other shadowy examples of Soros interference in American institutions – especially within the Biden administration, and not to mention other governments around the globe. 

That Alex is now a new player running the billion dollar organization at such a young age shows that this globalist agenda will likely continue far after George.

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