George Soros Pumps $28 Million Into Election Influence Operations

Neoliberal oligarch George Soros has spent more than $28 million dollars propping up left-wing and Democratic political groups since the new year, suggesting the liberal megabillionaire may intend to spend more money in the 2020 election than he ever has before.

Politico outlined Soros’ spending plans last week. Soros has given $10 million to a group called Win Justice.

The Hungarian-born financier also began donating sums of money that add up to $5 million to political groups supporting Joe Biden in January and February, indicating Soros was on board with Joe Biden’s candidacy well before it looked like he’d be the likely Democratic nominee. Soros had earlier suggested that he preferred Elizabeth Warren within the primary field.

Soros also has given at least $3 million to various pro-abortion groups, including Planned Parenthood-affiliated organizations. His second biggest donation was $7 million to Senate Majority PAC, a Democratic Party group seeking to take control of the chamber from Republicans.

Soros, who has operated political front groups across the world for decades, may be intending to double down on influence operations in the United States as he’s increasingly criticized abroad. Hungary, Soros’ home country, has passed several ‘Stop Soros’ laws that require the ultrabillionaire financier’s political front groups to identify themselves as “foreign funded.”

The Democratic donor’s relationship with Barack Obama had been known to be chilly at times, and it’s probably unsurprising that Joe Biden wasn’t his first choice. However, a relative shortage of actively spending donors in Democratic Party circles caused by the coronavirus recession may leave Biden and down-ballot candidates wholly dependent on prolific mega donors such as Soros, allowing them unprecedented influence in a potential Biden administration.

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