George Washington U. Students Claim ‘Colonials’ Nickname “Offensive,” Demand it be Changed

Students at George Washington University in the nation’s capital are making a call for a cultural purge targeting the school’s own namesake.

Some progressive students are circulating a petition demanding that the school’s mascot and sports team name, the “Colonials,” be changed. The petition states that “the historically, negatively-charged figure of Colonials has too deep a connection to colonization and glorifies the act of systemic oppression.

A GWU student senator named Amy Martin also called the “colonials” term “extremely offensive.”

GWU’s Student Association has called for a university referendum to answer the question, and it appears that said referendum will be voted upon by the student body next month.

American patriots throughout the history of the United States have recognized the colonists in question as the builders of America to whom a great debt is owed. Most colonists came to North America from the Old World when there was little to no urban civilization in the area, and struggled greatly to create cities, towns, roads and an entire society for the benefit of their children and grandchildren. Perhaps most significantly, they fought and won the War of Independence against the British imperialists, freeing what became the United States from the rule of a foreign king.

To replace them as the mascot of George Washington University, the creator of the petition(a GWU student named Rachel Yakobashvili) has suggested alternatives of either “hippos” or “riverhorses” for the school.

Because there’s nothing that can replace the void created in place of the American colonists after being purged like a large terrestrial animal native to distant countries like Botswana, right?

A competing petition has surfaced to push back on the attempted cultural purge of the progressive left, calling for the “Colonials” mascot name to be kept in place. The name was first adopted for the university’s sports teams in 1926.

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