GEORGIA: America First Candidate Marjorie Greene Announces Fundraising Haul

In her first month of campaigning for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, Marjorie Greene raised $523,000 according to a release from her campaign with over $500,000 cash on hand.

Greene’s campaign is mostly self-funded thanks to her efforts as a succesful businesswoman, thus shielding her from being bought off by special interest groups.

In a press release, Greene’s campaign stated that “Marjorie’s Democrat opponent, Lucy McBath doesn’t want the voters in the 6th CD to know she votes with socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar nearly 100% of the time. They are tax-hiking, job-killing, economy-wrecking radicals. Marjorie is the strongest conservative in the race and the only candidate who can defeat McBath next November.”

According to her campaign, “Lucy McBath is “very worried” about Marjorie Greene because Marjorie is the “real deal” as McBath’s campaign stated in an email to supporters.”

The campaign called on Greene’s Republican rivals—Brandon Beach and Karen Handel—to drop out of the race.

In the press release, the campaign declared, “Voters of Georgia’s 6CD are exhausted with an uninspiring candidate with a losing record like Karen Handel and a career politician like Brandon Beach. Karen Handel can’t even be called a career politician (her dream job) because Karen Handel always loses.”

They continued criticizing Handel’s lack of credentials:

Her only real job experience is professional campaigning and she’s even failed at that. In the course of her 7 runs for office, she’s failed 4 times.

In short, the Greene campaign views Handel as a losing candidate that cannot maintain her political power:

She’s never been re-elected or finished out a full term before seeking higher office. People have contributed nearly $20 MILLION in donations to Karen Handel and we have a 0% return on investment here in Georgia’s 6CD. She doesn’t have a single accomplishment except losing a seat that’s been Republican for 40 years to the socialist Democrat, Lucy McBath.

The campaign then attacked Brandon Beach for his track record as a career politician.

They noted the following:

Brandon Beach has been a career politician for the last 20 years. He’s beholden to special interest and his big-dollar donors. That’s why he voted for Georgia’s largest tax increase in state history and MARTA expansion.

The campaign reiterated the need for a strong candidate like Greene.

It stated that “Republicans can’t win with nominees that vote to fund Planned Parenthood, fund Sanctuary Cities, don’t support President Trump, or vote for the largest tax hike in Georgia state history.”

In their view, Green is the clear choice for the 6th Congressional District.

It concluded:

Neither have what it takes to win back Georgia’s 6CD. If they cared about the voters of Georgia’s 6CD and the future of America, they should drop out of the race because they will lose to Lucy McBath.

BLP reported on Greene’s first ad calling out the incumbent Congresswoman Lucy McBath for leftist track record.

Greene is gaining traction in the district with a 2nd place finish in the Cobb County July 4th Straw Poll.

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