GEORGIA: Desperate Democrats File Last-Minute Lawsuit To Delay Vote Certification

The Democratic Party of Georgia and the Stacey Abrams campaign have filed a desperate last-minute lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta division.

The lawsuit actually argues that provisional ballots should be accepted from people who don’t live in that county.

The Democrats are suing the Georgia Secretary of State and election officials in two counties: Gwinnett County and DeKalb County, trying to stop the certification of the votes by one day, which would give the Democrats Tuesday to continue to agitate.

Clearly, the Abrams’ campaign’s search for provisional ballots is not doing much to chip away at Republican Brian Kemp’s 62,779 vote lead(READ: Fulton County Numbers Show Massive Duplicate Ballots, Rejected Ballots, Non-Citizens Trying To Vote).

Abrams’ campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo’s tweet announcing the lawsuit received less than 100 retweets within the first hour of it being tweeted. For good reason.

The lawsuit would only get 1,095 more rejected ballots onto the record, according to the Daily Herald, and Groh-Wargo talked about 5,000 allegedly previously unknown votes that she claimed were found on Saturday. These totals would not change the result of the election.

The Democrats in Georgia are making a mockery of our election process, according to rational-minded observers. (READ: National Review Calls It For Kemp).

Here’s one hilarious passage from the last-ditch lawsuit: “Further, rejecting provisional ballots because they were cast in a different county from the voter’s registration address unconstitutionally deprives such voters of their fundamental right to vote – particularly where registration errors and administrative confusion appear to have led to exponentially greater confusion on behalf of the voters.”

Tea party leader Debbie Dooley tells Big League Politics that she will be at the Gwinnett Elections Board Office on Tuesday in the capacity of protester, concerned citizen, and proponent for a criminal investigation into Democrat duplicate-voting.



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