Georgia GOP Candidate Rebukes Conservatives, Socialism is Not a “Threat”

State Representative Kevin Cooke has now thrown his hat into the ring for the open seat in Georgia’s 14th congressional district, which current Congressman Tom Graves is vacating at the end of the year.

Cooke claims to be a small government conservative. However, one statement he made shows a somewhat tone-deaf view of what is going on politically in America.

In a press release that his campaign distributed on Wednesday, January 22, 2020, Cooke stated “Contrary to popular belief, a giant wave of socialism is not the biggest threat facing our nation, but rather it is the slow drift away from our Constitution allowed for decades by BOTH parties that stands to destroy our country.”

Interestingly enough, Cooke voted for an Internet Sales Tax, HB 276 on January 16, 2020. Obviously, this tax will be used to fund more bloated government by robbing Georgia citizens with purchases they make on the internet. Sounds a bit like socialism.

Don’t forget that Georgia almost elected Stacey Abrams, who keynoted a speech for avowed socialists.

That’s what makes Cooke’s ‘socialism isn’t a threat’ claim a real head-scratcher.

Cooke doesn’t even consider or acknowledge the rise of socialism among younger generations of Americans.

According to a YouGov poll, 70 percent of millenials indicated they would vote for a socialist. For Cooke to be oblivious about this trend, speaks ill of his cultural awareness.

In times like these, prospective elected officials should know what cultural threats are emerging and ultimately respond to them in an effective manner.

For all we know, Cooke will likely end up like countless generic conservative candidates who talk a big game about small government, but end up voting with the rest of the political establishment to grow the size of government. Just like he did with the internet sales tax boondoggle, earlier this month.

Cooke joins the 14th district race in a crowded primary highlighted by America First patriot Marjorie Greene.

Greene has received endorsements from Right Women PAC and the House Freedom for Fund, for her staunch conservative values on issues ranging from the right to life to free-market economics.

Additionally, Greene’s staunch support for the Second Amendment is rather important in times when the Left is working hard to de-legitimize the concept of legal gun ownership.

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