Georgia Gun Owners Highlights Anniversary of NRA Selling Out

Georgia Gun Owners continues to single out the National Rifle Association as an establishment gun lobby for failing to fully stand up for their members’ gun rights.

In a recent Facebook post, Georgia Gun Owners (GGO) reminded their members of the one-year anniversary of the NRA’s endorsement of red flag gun confiscation orders.

In this instance, NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox supported the idea of red flag laws, stating “that we need to stop people before they act”.

Gun owners have voiced their disapproval with the NRA’s decision at the time. GGO member Marjorie Taylor Greene has expressed her dissatisfaction with the NRA and has urged gun owners to take matters into their own hands when dealing with anti-gun politicians on the Left and lukewarm elected officials on the Right.

This year GGO has stayed busy promoting Constitutional Carry in Georgia.

On top of that, they uncovered another anti-gun plot in Georgia that apparently involved the NRA and establishment gun lobby Georgia Carry. Both of these groups teamed up with Republican Senators to push for SB 150, a bill that would have violated due process rights.

GGO’s steadfast devotion to “no compromise” Second Amendment activism has inspired activists like Taylor Greene to go to Washington DC on her own accord and confront gun control figures like David Hogg.

Since Florida, a once solid pro-gun state according to the Guns & Ammo magazine’s 2017 rankings, fell to anti-gun pressure in the wake of the Parkland shooting, gun rights activists in groups like GGO and Lone Star Gun Rights in Texas have taken a more aggressive approach toward lobbying.

GGO has made it a point to not only fight gun control coming from the Left, but also expose gun control compromises promoted by Republican politicians.

Because of their scorched earth approach, GGO has become Georgia’s largest pro-gun organization.

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