GEORGIA: Judge Rules That Ballots Must Be Counted With ‘Omitted’ Birth Dates

A U.S. District Court Judge in the Northern District of Georgia’s Atlanta Division ruled Tuesday that ballots in one of the state’s counties must be counted, even if the “birth year” on the voter registration is omitted.

The race between Republican Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams is literally out of reach for Abrams, and Kemp has begun the transition of the Governor-Elect while the Abrams camp runs a campaign-style operation to find votes among provisional ballots that were largely rejected on Election Day for reasons including non-citizens voting, out-of-county people voting, and non-registered people voting.

Now, ballots with “omitted” birth dates are able to get through in one county.

The ruling only applies to a small number of ballots in Gwinnett County, but the left wing is clearly trying to set some legal precedents with boundary-testing lawsuits that they can use in other elections. A Guardian and Rolling Stone writer from Los Angeles is currently suing Brian Kemp for alleged voter suppression.

Here is the relevant passage from Rhonda J. Martin v. Robyn A. Crittenden.

“Although these Motions come before the Court in the midst of many hotly contested and highly publicized elections issues across the State, the narrow relief granted by this Order addresses one precise question: Does Gwinnett County’s process of rejecting absentee ballots solely on the basis of an omitted or incorrect birth year violate the Civil Rights Act, 52 U.S.C. § 10101(a)(2)(B)?1 The Court finds, on the arguments presented, that it does and that this narrow set of ballots should be counted.”

Well, there you have it.

Multiple young people were flagged by election monitors in Florida for voting before age 18 — Schoolhouse Rock style, and dozens more precocious millennials are on the voter rolls.

Meanwhile in Georgia, the situation is getting ridiculous. Check out the provisional ballot numbers in Fulton County. We reported:

Bombshell numbers out of Fulton County, Georgia show that a vast amount of the provisional ballots submitted in the Democrat stronghold were rejected for being duplicate ballots.

Now, the Democrat Stacey Abrams campaign is pushing on Fulton County, running an entire campaign-style operation with phone banking, texts and email blasts to reach out to people who allegedly cast provisional ballots on Election Day.

Abrams’ search for provisional ballots may yield fruit, but her search for credible provisional ballots that can be counted in this election will prove futile. Why?

A full 1,811 provisional ballots in Fulton County were duplicates (49 percent), and 1,556 of them (42 percent of the total provisionals) were rejected.

Three of the individuals were not citizens, 581 were not registered to vote, and 972 did not live in that county.

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