Georgia Republicans Say NRA Told Them to Vote in Favor of Bloomberg Gun Ban

Seven Republicans in the Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee recently voted affirmatively on legislation pushed by Democrats at the behest of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s lobbying groups that would effectively ban guns without due process.

Senate Bill 150 (SB150) was introduced by State Sen. Jennifer Jordan (D-Atlanta) to remove gun rights from individuals who are accused of domestic violence without due process. Because of the work of grassroots gun freedom activists, the legislation was killed without a vote last week.

“I don’t think that I have ever been as disappointed as I was when the Republican leadership in the senate refused to allow my bill, SB 150, to come to the floor for a vote. After it was voted out, radical gun groups took to social media to target senators accusing them of being traitors and ‘gun grabbers,” Jordan said in a social media post following the defeat of her unconstitutional bill.

The Benedict Arnold gang of GOP Senators who voted to sell out the US Constitution are Brian Strickland, Blake Tillery, Bill Cowsert, Jesse Stone, Bill Heath, William Ligon, and John Kennedy. When pressed on the issue, they all had a common culprit to blame for their votes: The National Rifle Association (NRA).

The NRA loves to posture as if they are an organization that opposes gun control, but that is not necessarily the case. They have a long history of supporting gun control and are the primary catalyst in Republican politicians supporting infringements to the 2nd Amendment such as bump stock bans or red flag laws.

Second Amendment Daily gives the shocking details on how the NRA with the assistance of Georgia Carry motivated these lawmakers to break their oath:

After being caught red-handed voting for this Bloomberg legislation, four of the seven Senators have sought to defend their vote, naming the NRA and Georgia Carry as one of the reasons why they voted for the bill…

Here are the quotes from the four State Senators defending their vote for S.B. 150, Bloomberg’s Georgia Lautenberg Gun Ban:

“The language of Senate Bill 150 was changed with the help of the NRA and Georgia and passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously.” – State Senator Bill Heath

“Many, however, still do not feel comfortable with the language that did pass and some of the groups like the NRA and Georgia Carry that previously okayed the bill have now backed away.” — State Senator Blake Tillery

“The bill was supported by the NRA and Georgia Carry as a pro-2nd Amendment bill.” — State Senator Brian Strickland

“The National Rifle Association, Georgia Carry, as well as prosecutors and sheriffs, all worked with our Republican leadership . . . ” — State Senator William Ligon

Thanks to the efforts of Georgia Gun Owners, this back room scheme to advance S.B. 150 was discovered and soundly pushed back by grassroots activists across the state.

When Trump makes unfathomable comments like this:

Remember that he comes to these conclusions after consulting with his good friends at the NRA. The NRA is and always has been an organization that is happy to sell gun owners down the river to get the political establishment temporarily off the backs of the gun manufacturers who they represent. They have never been an organization to count on to defend the 2nd Amendment, and the disgrace in Georgia is far from an isolated incident.

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