Georgia Restores Constitutional Carry

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Georgia Restores Constitutional Carry

Get the guns ready, because we’re in for an ALL AMERICAN day! A new Georgia bill signed into law Tuesday by the states by Republican governor Brian Kemp has removed all licensing requirements for gun owners to carry a firearm in public. Kemp’s move was generally well-received by gun owners across the state.

Kemp joined supports outside Gable Sporting Goods in Douglasville on Tuesday to celebrate the new law and expansion of citizen rights, Fox 5 of Atlanta reported.

Georgia Restores Constitutional Carry


“SB 319 makes sure that law-abiding Georgians — law-abiding Georgians, including our daughters and your family too — can protect themselves without having the permission of the state government. The Constitution of the United States gives us that right, not the government,” Kemp said. “HB 218 ensures that individuals who are licensed to carry in another state are also authorized to do so here in Georgia.”

The bill, SB 319, notably amended previous legislation that required weapons permits for most instances of firearm possession.

(2) It shall be unlawful for any person to use or possess in any park, historic site, or  recreational area any firearms other than a handgun, as such term is defined in Code  Section 16-11-125.1. (3)(2) It shall be unlawful for any person to use or possess in any park, historic site, or recreational area any handgun without a valid weapons carry license issued pursuant to  Code Section 16-11-129 weapon or long gun unless such person is a lawful weapons carrier. As used in this paragraph, the terms ‘weapon,’ ‘long gun,’ and ‘lawful weapons carrier’ shall have the same meanings as provided for in Code Section 16-11-125.1.

Dubbed the “Constitutional Carry Act,” the new law, which was rejected by the majority-Republican Senate as recently as last February, passed through both chambers of the state legislature at the beginning of April.

“This isn’t a bill that’s going to create more crime. This is allowing law-abiding citizens to carry a weapon without a license in Georgia,” commented state Sen. Jason Anavitarte, a Republican.

Included in the grouping of politicians who are less enthusiastic about the bill is Democrat state Rep. Kimberly Alexander, who complained that “this legislation will potentially allow individuals with a criminal history who purchase a gun through a private sale to legally carry a hidden, loaded weapon in [Georgia’s] communities.”

Alexander’s claim of new criminal gun access is, perhaps not surprisingly, simply not true. Georgia’s existing firearms already allowed for the private sale of firearms without a background check; this very fact was noted by the far-left anti-second amendment Gifford’s Institute back in May of 2021.

Fox News reported that former Georgia Sen. David Perdue, a Trump-backed candidate now challenging Kemp in the race, celebrated the bill but lamented the long 4 years it took for Kemp to ensure its passing.

Kemp’s move on signing the legislation comes just months before he plans to once again run to be the state’s chief executive. The Georgia gubernatorial election is rapidly approaching; it is currently scheduled to be held on November 8, 2022.

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