Georgia Secretary of State Dispatches Investigators to Atlanta Arena After Fulton County Discovers Election “Reporting Issue”

An election worker handles ballots as vote counting in the general election continues at State Farm Arena on Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced that Fulton County elections officials had discovered an issue “involving reporting from their work on Friday.”

An elections monitor, investigators, and the Georgia Deputy Secretary of State have been dispatched to State Farm Arena in Atlanta (where votes are being counted) to oversee the elections process and protect all legal votes. The Secretary of State’s elections personnel were already present at the arena before Fulton County revealed the “issue,” but Raffensperger revealed he’s sent additional elections investigators to State Farm Arena after the “issue” was reported in a Facebook post. Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs has also been sent to the arena.

Ballot and election processing at Atlanta’s State Farm arena had been suddenly halted on election night when a “pipe burst” in the major multi-purpose municipal facility.

Mere thousands of votes separate the margin of victory from Donald Trump and Joe Biden as of Saturday evening. The most recent data has Biden up around 4,000 votes on President Trump. Initial vote tallies had indicated that the President was winning the state of Georgia handily, but as results trickled in, the additional counting of mail-in ballots gave Biden the lead.

An investigative reporter with Atlanta’s WXIA News claimed that the unclear “issue” may “significantly affect” the Biden lead in the state of Georgia.

This situation is developing, and Big League Politics is monitoring for further updates.

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