Georgia U.S. Senate Appointee Kelly Loeffler is a Corporate Welfare Queen, Reaps Benefit From Tens of Millions in Crony Deals

WNBA team owner Kelly Loeffler will be appointed to the U.S. Senate at the end of the year to replace departing Sen. Johnny Isakson, and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp will make the official announcement on Wednesday.

Loeffler is getting picked over President Donald Trump’s preferred choice, Rep. Doug Collins, who has a strong conservative voting record in the U.S. House. In addition to being a long-time Democratic Party donor and serving on the board of the state’s largest abortion provider, Loeffler also has benefited from crony capitalism due to her association with the violent lesbianic thugs of the WNBA.

The WNBA franchise co-owned by Loeffler, the Atlanta Dream, will be hosted in the Gateway Center Arena starting in 2020. This new venue cost the taxpayers $46.5 million, and stands as a heinous example of cronyism that serves no benefit to the people.

Sports columnist Tom Joyce wrote an op/ed with the Washington Examiner explaining how Loeffler’s grift is harmful to the public at large. He explained that the city of College Park, the small city which hosts the arena, looted their general fund of $9 million to build the facility. Mayor Jack Longino admits that the stadium will not make money for the town, but Loeffler and other team owners will certainly cash out from it.

“We’re not doing it because we’re building stupid arenas for professional teams,” said John Duke, who unsuccessfully challenged Longino for Mayor in November. “No business person would ever take this deal.”

According to the work of Stanford economist Roger Noll, sports stadiums are always terrible investments for the taxpayer, and would be paid for otherwise by the rich team owners. Joyce notes that Loeffler’s unprofitable WNBA team is being doubly-subsidized, making her a welfare queen par excellence.

“Part of the reason why the WNBA exists today is because it is subsidized by the NBA. The league as a whole has never made a profit. Interest in the league is low, with league-wide regular season attendance falling in the past two seasons,” Joyce wrote.

“Calling a taxpayer-funded arena home is nothing new for the Dream. Gateway Center Arena will be the fourth publicly funded stadium that the Dream has called home during Loeffler’s ownership,” he added.

For pilfering the taxpayer, Loeffler will now be rewarded with a U.S. Senate seat. Even though President Trump is now its figurehead, the Republican Party establishment continues its unethical and disreputable practices.

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