German City to Stop Publishing Statistics of Vaccinated Hospitalizations to Avoid “Playing Into the Hands of Corona Deniers”

The health authority of a city in Germany has announced it will cease publishing statistics regarding vaccinated coronavirus patients who are hospitalized, citing what it claims is a false narrative from “corona deniers.”

The mayor of the of city of Weimar in Central Germany, Peter Kleine, announced that the city would adopt a policy of concealment in a statement that has since-been removed from the city’s municipal website. The text below was the city’s official English-language web page.

The announcement was swiftly removed from the city of Weimar’s official website two days after it was published. It’s unclear if the city of Weimar intends to reverse course and actually reveal the number of hospitalized coronavirus patients who are unvaccinated, contrary to the disingenuous policy of concealing it.

The indication of the people who are treated with vaccination in the hospital clearly distorts reality and thus plays into the hands of corona deniers and opponents of vaccination…

We want to avoid creating a false impression and have therefore decided not to indicate the number in the future.”

Some have questioned the efficacy of coronavirus vaccine following the publications of statistics indicating that a significant percentage of patients hospitalized with coronavirus received the medicine. Scientific consensus generally indicates that the vaccine is likely to prevent a severe infection and hospitalization as a result of the coronavirus in many patients, but the precise efficacy varies for many patients with a variety of health conditions.

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