German Climate Protestors Stage Melting Ice Hanging Stunt

German climate change activists staged an elaborate stunt at their variant of Friday’s global climate strike protests.

The teen activists outfitted themselves in a gallows of sorts, placing hangman’s nooses around their necks. They then proceeded to stand on ice blocks, creating an impression that they’d be lethally hung if the blocks should melt. It appears they put on the display as an intended viral commentary on the supposed melting of Earth’s ice caps.

The demonstration took place in Berlin, at the iconic Brandenburg gate.

The sheer sensationalism of the hanging stunt makes it hard to take the climate strike demonstrators seriously. There’s nothing wrong with having a debate about carbon emissions, their impact on Earth’s polar ice caps, and what’s necessary in order to make human society more environmentally friendly, but the German stunt appears intent to go viral on social media more than anything.

The demonstrators are demanding the German government commit to thorough climate change policies that may prevent everyday citizens from using automobiles or eating meat.

Teenage activists are increasingly prominent in the global climate change movement, one of whom is Swedish 16-year old Greta Thunberg. Many climate activists have resorted to alarmist language in order to draw attention to their concerns, alleging that human civilization itself is set to be destroyed within the next few decades by global human energy use.

Leftists have claimed (for decades) that human life on Earth is doomed within ten years without dramatic changes to the ways in which mankind uses energy across the planet. Yet many of them don’t offer any real solution for everyday people to lower their carbon signature without giving up meat for a bug-based alternative diet or cease to own their own car.

Such proposals are probably impossible to enact, and any attempt to do so would require governmental social engineering on an unprecedented scale.

A realistic plan to combat climate change would involve new research into alternative energy methods such an nuclear.

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