German Interior Minister of Thuringia Calls for the Confiscation of Firearms from Alternative for Germany Party Members

Georg Maier, the Interior Minister of the German state of Thuringia, wants to crack down on gun license holders who are members of  the Alternative for Germany Party (AfD).

Paul Joseph Watson of Summit News noted that AfD occupies 81 seats in the German parliament and 9 seats in the European parliament. 

“Maier, who belongs to the Social Democrat Party (SPD), has tasked his employees with establishing a working group on “Weapons and Extremists” to move forward on the issue,” Remix News reported.  

This working group has plans of creating an “AG WaffEx”, which would be in the state administration office and assist local authorities process cases dealing with so-called “extremists” who possess firearms. 

The creation of the AG WaffEx has the goal of targeting “right-wing extremists.” However, this list features AfD members, whose membership numbers over 30,000 Germans. “Appropriate revocation procedures” would be used against AfD members under this plan. 

The state would confiscate legally-owned firearms from AfD members who are hunters and marksmen. Maier justified this move on the grounds that the AfD in Thuringia is “proven to be right-wing extremist.”

Members of the AfD already face intrusive surveillance measures following Germany’s top court decision to classify them as a “potential” threat to democracy. 

One thing that Watson observed is that leaders of the AfD are constantly attacked by Antifa members. Moreover, Antifa members have made assassination attempts against AfD leaders. 

“Ironically, the government’s own data shows that AfD members and politicians are the most attacked party in the country,” John Cody of Remix News observed.

“Yet, there has never been a case of any member protecting themselves with a firearm, despite a number of serious assaults.”

AfD state spokesman Stefan Möller responded to Maier’s gun confiscation scheme by accusing Maier of exploiting gun laws “as a substitute criminal law against law-abiding hunters and marksmen in the AfD.”

The AfD is a right-wing populist party that is actually pretty moderate in nature. Its support for immigration restriction, a position that the labor Left had once held, has earned it the “extremist” label. 

In most of continental Europe, most of the Right is de facto criminalized or heavily surveilled by the state. Germany is no exception to this trend. 

We’ve reached a point where any deviation from the neoliberal monoculture earns a dissident political organization full-blown state repression.

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