German Leader Angela Merkel Capitulates on Easter Lockdown After Protesters Demonstrate Rage in the Streets

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has capitulated on a brutal 5-day lockdown meant to punish her countrymen throughout the upcoming Easter holiday after large-scale protests rocked the nation.

Merkel is taking responsibility for the decision to back off as she hopes to contain populist anger that is spreading across the country.

“I take full responsibility for this misjudgement,” Merkel said to a meeting of local leaders throughout Germany. She said the lockdown policies were “created with the best of intentions” but are simply untenable due to the rage of the population.

Merkel is attempting damage control because support for her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) is slipping mightily in the polls. There are six months until the federal election in September, and, although Merkel does not wish to remain in her role as chancellor, she does not want to sabotage her coalition and damage her legacy on the way out.

MP Christian Lindner is urging his colleagues in the German Bundestag to issue a vote of no confidence toward Merkel in order to put her on notice for her ineffective leadership.

“The Chancellor can no longer be sure of the unanimous support of her coalition,” Lindner said.

“A vote of confidence in the German Bundestag would be advisable in order to examine the ability of the government of Ms. Merkel to act,” he added.

Merkel’s political rivals are also keying in on her failure to throw some mud her way and denigrate her weak leadership.

“I call on the Chancellor to face a vote of no confidence in accordance with Paragraph 98 of the Rules of Procedure of the German Bundestag,” said Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki, who leads the Free Democratic Party

“She has not only admitted her own inability, the lack of competence of her Minister Altmaier and Spahn is obvious, but because she has obviously lost the trust of part of her coalition factions,” he added.

The rise of the German masses to oppose Merkel’s edicts has shown that the people still have power, even in the age of ruthless globalist technocracy.

Germans joined the entire world in standing against lockdown policies this past weekend:

The whole world must reject the COVID-19 mass hysteria and unite to seize their power before Big Brother becomes permanent and inescapable.

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