German Populist Right-Wing Party Launches New Map Tracking Immigrant Crime Nationwide

Towards the end of March, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) right-wing populist party rolled out a new case tracker on its party website highlighting the surging levels of criminal activity carried out by migrants nationwide. 

This case track is updated on a daily basis and features an interactive map of Germany that shows the location in which crimes committed by foreign nationals are occurring. On top of that, the tracker has recorded 100 individual incidents from February 21, 2023 up until late March. 

According to Thomas Brooke of Remix News, Stephan Brandner, AFD’s deputy federal spokesperson explained that the party was filing in the void that the media has left behind. He argued that the corporate media has “mostly gone silent or hidden” on rising migrant crime, stating the conservative party has now taken on the “role of objective scout.” 

“The individual local newspaper reports the stabbing or gang rape in their traffic area, but the profile of the perpetrator is concealed so that it remains completely unclear where the perpetrator is from or if he allegedly had to be deported a long time ago because he is in the country illegally,” Brandner stated.

“Citizens want to know where the aggressor comes from and what social background he comes from. Because anyone who knows the profiles of the perpetrators will see that with the uncontrolled migration of millions of people from often archaically structured societies or from areas of crisis and war, people also come to us that violence is part of everyday life,” Brandner continued.

According to AfD, the case tracker will showcase the harsh reality that 

“there is an increase in stabbings, rapes, and other serious crimes committed by migrants in Germany,” and put pressure on the federal government to halt its open door.

Brander urged Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Interior Minister Nancy Faeser to “meet for a summit on migration and finally decide on countermeasures.” 

Brooked noted that foreigners commit an alarming amount of crime in Germany, which includes 39% of murders and 37.7% of violent crimes despite only being roughly 12% of the population. 

Remix News has reported in the past that foreign nationals are disproportionately represented in rape and sexual assault cases in Germany. 42% of foreign nationals commit rapes.

Furthermore, there are roughly two gang rapes on a daily basis in Germany, with half of these incidents involving a foreign national. 

Brooke observed that the current German regime has been calling for radical reforms of Germany’s immigration regulations, which would make it more difficult to track national crime statistics by granting foreigners citizenship with an expedited citizenship process. Upon receiving citizenship, foreigners are subsequently counted as “Germans” in crime statistics. 

This new reform has the government wanting to bring in 500,000 migrants annually, lowering standards for attaining citizenship, such as language tests. 

Indeed, the Great Replacement is a real development and it’s a universal problem across the Collective West. To address this problem and defend the demographic integrity of Western civilization, western leaders must restrict immigration.

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