Germany Now Has Islamic No-Go Zones

No-go zones have now come to Germany.

German migration researcher Ralph Ghadban clams that the infamous no-go zones of France and the UK are now making their way to the German capital of Berlin.

Ghadban specifically singles out the areas of Cottbusser Tor, the Tiergarten, and Neukölln. In a statement to the Augsburger Allgemeine, Ghadban claims that these are “dangerous areas, so-called no-go areas, in which Arab clans have the upper hand.”

Ghadban expanded on what transpires in no-go zones:

No-go areas are a law-free area. Policemen are persecuted, besieged, and harassed. Policewomen are groped. They receive threats from clan members such as ‘we know where you live’ or ‘we know where your children go to school’, but they are usually empty threats.

The migration researcher blames “multicultural ideology” for allowing these Arab clan groups to thrive in the present-day.

When pressed about a potential connection to the controversial Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, Ghadban responded, “I have made these statements for over 20 years; at that time there was no AfD.”

Ghadban highlighted the importance of exposing the EU’s open border policies and not kowtowing to calls for political correctness:

This criticism is dangerous, it corresponds to the attitude of political correctness, which suppresses free opinions, prevents a factual confrontation with topics, and leaves it to the radicals.

Indeed, mass migration is one issue where being politically correct can lead to disastrous policy results.

As EU member countries have witnessed the rise migrant ghettoes within their jurisdictions, their citizens are taking their frustrations to the ballot box. Right-wing parties are now starting to surge across European countries like Estonia, Italy, and Spain.

A society can only ignore uncomfortable realities for so long. When political correctness is the norm, societal decay becomes a given.

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