Germany Uses Weighted Trucks To Prevent Islamic Terrorists From Attacking Gays at PRIDE Parade

Exclusive video obtained by Big League Politics shows German truck operators and police officers using weighted trucks as a form of security at the Frankfurt Gay Pride Parade to prevent Muslim terrorists from attacking gay people.

Last weekend, thousands of gay people attended the annual Christopher Street Day Frankfurt gay pride parade in Frankfurt Germany, which took place over three days.

This year, as a result of Germany’s increased Islamic immigration, German officials resorted to utilizing trucks weighted down with water as physical street barriers to prevent Islamic terrorists from committing vehicular jihad against the gay people attending the gay pride festival.

In the video, which was filmed by Mark Feigin, a gay man from California, truck operators and German police can be seen discussing on camera the use of the weighted trucks to prevent Muslims from attacking the parade. Feigin asked the truck operator, “So the water (in the truck) prevents the Muslim truck, the Muslim suicide bomber form basically coming in?”

The truck operator says “Yes” several times and nods his head in agreement.

Feigin then says, “It’s protecting the gay pride form the Muslim terrorists”, to which the truck operator once again said “yes”.

In Islam, homosexuality is punishable by death, making the gay pride parade a target rich environment for any Islamic terrorist  wishing to give any member of the Western civilized world a dose of cultural enrichment, sponsored by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Germany has been fundamentally transformed by Islamic migrants who have shown time after time their blatant disregard for the rule of the land, and their refusal to assimilate into civilized European culture, as many German people are beginning to find out.

While serving as Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel has imported over 1.5 million Muslim migrants into Germany. Among the migrants Merkel has welcomed to Germany, several of them have carried out Islamic terror attacks with trucks, which has resulted in the death of innocent German people.

In 2016, in Nice, France, a 19-tone cargo truck was used by an Islamic terrorist to kill 86 people and injure 458 others. That same year in Berlin, Germany, a Muslim immigrant from Tunisia stole a truck and drove it into a Christmas market, killing 12 people and injuring 48 more.