GETTR Fires Entire Cybersecurity Team Amidst Pressure From Mysterious Chinese Paymaster

GETTR, the ostensibly conservative-friendly social media startup, recently fired its entire cybersecurity team after receiving pressure from the company’s mysterious Chinese billionaire founder.

What is particularly strange is that no information technology professionals have apparently been hired to replace the security team following their dismissal in late December. This leaves the personal data submitted to GETTR by its user base essentially up for grabs as the company reportedly hemorrhages cash.

“In all honesty, in all my years of doing cybersecurity, I’ve never seen a company this poorly run from business operations all the way to IT,” a former GETTR employee said to the Washington Examiner. “It looks like a high school operation.

Another former IT executive said that the order to fire the tech team came from Miles Guo, an alleged defector from China rumored to be a double agent, who circumvented GETTR CEO Jason Miller. According to organization insiders, Miller is merely a figurehead while Guo really calls the shots. Miller is downplaying any potential problems with the platform.

“As a company policy and out of respect for former and current employees, we do not comment on personnel matters,” Miller said in a statement via email. 

“Our position remains strong, with over 4.5 million users, and this month we’ll be releasing Vision, our short video format which will compete with TikTok and Instagram reels,” he added.

Big League Politics has reported on how Guo calls the shots at GETTR and Miller follows his orders:

New leaked conversations published by Mother Jones show GETTR founder Jason Miller taking company directions from a Chinese billionaire, raising questions about the independence of the social media network billed as a free speech alternative to Big Tech. Progressive website Mother Jones published audio and text messages between Miller and Guo on Friday.

In one audio message, Guo orders Miller to assuage criticism from Joe Rogan, who joined the platform before calling out its inflation of fake follower counts.

“It’s just a misunderstanding. There is no problem Jason,” Guo told Miller in a WhatsApp message.“Joe Rogan is a big help to us. We are friend. We don’t want to do any bad things to this guy. We need to respect him. Just…explain to him what happened… We solve the misunderstanding… We must keep it gentleman-style. No fight back. We are friends. We need to respect him.”

Miller would go on to recognize Guo’s concerns, arguing that he had reached out to one of Rogan’s representatives with respect. Rogan has since expressed his intent to leave the platform.

Guo is somewhat of a dissident Chinese billionaire actively lobbying for American interference in Chinese politics, slighted by the policies of the Chinese government.

In another WhatsApp message originally posted in Chinese, Guo reveals he ordered Miller to cease fabricating GETTR follower counts, a questionable business tactic that Rogan publicly criticized.

Regarding Joe Rogan, last night, we discussed with Jason to display the number of followers separately: GETTR followers and total followers. The web version has been launched, and the mobile version is also being submitted. After all the changes are made, Jason should respond to this issue. An announcement to explain.

Mother Jones has also revealed that paychecks for Gettr employees are being processed through a building in which Guo orchestrates lobbying attempts to interfere in American politics and obstruct peaceful cooperation with China.

GETTR has far too many problems to be considered a viable alternative to Twitter. Gab and Telegram are currently the most sturdy competitors out of what has emerged to oppose Big Tech.

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