Ghislaine Maxwell’s Brother Vows to Get Her Conviction Overturned, Calls Jury Decision a ‘Tremendous Injustice’

Kevin Maxwell, brother of Ghislaine Maxwell, is attempting to overturn the conviction of his sister, who the jury believed was complicit in the child sex trafficking operation of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

“Ghislaine has been denied justice — has been denied a fair trial,” Ghislaine’s older brother Kevin said to ABC News Thursday, adding that he was “still shocked” about the verdict.

“The presumption of innocence never existed,” he stated, claiming that he was “very confident” that her conviction would be overturned with an appeal.

Kevin showed some empathy with Epstein’s child victims, saying that “anybody who sat in and listened to the accusers’ testimony … is going to have been moved”

“And I can also understand anger,” he said. “But that doesn’t mean that I believe for a single second that my sister is guilty of the crimes of which she was convicted.”

Kevin is attempting to spin the story that Epstein was guilty but his sister had nothing to do with his vast litany of child sex crimes.

“There’s no, simply no, question that there are many victims of Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes,” he said. “They’re simply not crimes that were committed by my sister.”

“I remain absolutely persuaded of Epstein’s crimes. I’m equally persuaded that my sister will be exonerated on appeal, and these guilty verdicts will be overturned,” Kevin Maxwell added.

However, there is a great deal of evidence showing that Ghislaine was a willing participant in Epstein’s pedo network and perpetrated many sex crimes as well.

Big League Politics reported on news that Maxwell “set up VIP elites” with child rape victims for “social currency”:

Prosecutors in the case of dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell have alleged that she “set up VIP elites” with child victims to rape as part of a scheme to curry favor and power in the world.

The prosecutors have produced emails showing that Maxwell facilitated a child sex trafficking scheme, to win elites over by allowing them to perform illicit sex acts with children she groomed that “they would like,” which she used “as a form of social currency.”

“These exhibits show (1) the defendant’s willingness to facilitate encounters between powerful men and women they would like, and (2) the defendant’s understanding that providing such access is a way to ingratiate herself with powerful men,” the prosecutors stated in their court filing.

“These emails make clear that the defendant was willing to serve in such a role, and that she was eager to please wealthy and influential men by providing them with access to women,” the prosecutors wrote.

Maxwell’s attorneys are claiming that there was nothing wrong with their client’s behavior.

“If her motive is to permit adult women to date her single friends, then it is not to pick up schoolgirls off the street to give “sexual massages” to Jeffrey Epstein,” Maxwell’s attorneys said in their rebuttal to the prosecutors’ allegations.

“And if she already had access to other powerful and influential men who were in her life, she would not need her friendship or access to Jeffrey Epstein,” he added.”

If Ghislaine’s conviction is overturned, it will be more evidence that the system is slanted to protect elite child abusers.

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