Girl Scouts Highest Award Goes to High School Pro-Abortion Advocate

A long-time organization for young girls has given its highest award to a pro-abortion advocate for her work in the field.

The Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona awarded Meghna Gopalan the Gold Award for completing her Girl Scout project that focused on “reproductive health justice”.

This broad terminology is really just a mask for her project praising abortion on demand.

A proud member of a previous Women’s March in Arizona, Gopalan got involved with the social media outreach for the Tucson Women’s March this year. The Women’s March organization across America is known to be an avid supporter for abortion rights with no restrictions.

In an interview with #ThisIsTucson Gopalan stated,”I’m planning on hosting an event to educate people about and de-stigmatize access to women’s healthcare. I’ve been working with El Rio Reproductive Health Access Project, and they offered ideas on reproductive health justice which would broaden the scope of the project a little bit. I got interested in the topic with the Supreme Court nomination of [Brett] Kavanaugh…”

Interestingly, Gopalan never mentions choosing life as being part of a woman’s reproductive right. Her ties to pro-abortion advocacy groups illuminate that this high school sophomore is working hard for abortion rights. There is nothing to “de-stigmatize” about choosing life for unborn babies.

The Girl Scouts organization is no stranger to having strong relations with abortion groups like Planned Parenthood. Breitbart reports on previous relations between the two:

“Ann Saladin, creator of, and co-editor Christy Volanski, have spent nearly a decade documenting Girl Scouts USA’s relationships with the abortion industry, Planned Parenthood, and political leaders who support abortion and a left-wing agenda in general.

“At the very least, it’s a cozy relationship,” Volanski told Breitbart News as she described the ties between the Girl Scouts, the abortion industry and, specifically, Planned Parenthood.”

The My Girl Scout Council’s website highlights topics Girl Scouts are encouraged to advocate for. Each link consists of various organizations and political candidates that have pro-abortion views, that the Girl Scouts have promoted.

Breitbart also brought up the recent Instagram post from the Girl Scouts that praised Sandra Day O’Connor for upholding Roe v. Wade. So, Girl Scouts mission is to build “girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place” – but only if those girls side with the radical, pro-abortion viewpoint.

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