GivenSendGo Fundraiser Helps Arizona Rancher Facing Murder Charge for Killing Illegal Alien Posted $1 Million Bail

George Alan Kelly, an Arizona rancher who shot and killed a suspected illegal alien, posted bail on February 23, 2023, per a Fox News report. 

According to Roberto Wakerell-Cruz of the Post Millennial, Kelly posted the $1 million bond with Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Gerardo Castillo.

“Judge Emilio Velasquez had upheld Kelly’s $1 million bond, though agreed to convert it from cash to surety. He also set the next hearing date for Friday despite the defense pleading for a continuance of 30 to 60 days to allow time to confer with experts and gather the forensic and ballistic evidence they say authorities have neglected to process,” Fox reports.

A motion was filed to change the conditions of release which called for Kelly’s bond to be reduced or transformed into a surety bond, contending that Kelly had no criminal record and that the amount imposed on Kelly was designed to keep him in custody.

“A court’s imposition of monetary condition of release must be based on an individualized determination of the defendant’s risk of non-appearance, risk of harm to others or the community, and the defendant’s financial circumstances. The court may not rely on a schedule of charge-based bond amounts, and it must not impose a monetary condition that results in unnecessary pretrial incarceration solely because the defendant is unable to pay the imposed monetary condition,” court documents stated. “Simply put, the Court may not determine a bond amount that is designed for the sole purpose of keeping the defendant in custody. Rather, the Court must determine the lowest bond amount necessary to secure the defendant’s appearance or protect persons or the community.”

Kelly’s legal counsel also contended that Kelly does not present a danger to the community and that the “evidence against Mr. Kelly is extremely weak… Law enforcement was not able to locate a body when they searched Mr. Kelly’s property after Mr. Kelly fired shots to warn away the armed men.”

“Mr. Kelly’s actions are those of an innocent man. Mr. Kelly himself called law enforcement to report the discovery of the body. Mr. Kelly cooperated with the investigation and gave a statement to law enforcement.”

“No bullet has been found in order to do testing to determine which gun fired the fatal shot. It is entirely possible that the person found on Mr. Kelly’s property was a victim of other drug traffickers,” the court document continued.

GiveSendGo is a faith-based alternative to GoFundMe that allowed for Kelly to receive funds for his case.  GoFundMe took down campaigns for Kelly from its site. 

Brenna Larkin, Kelly’s attorney, previously criticized prosecutors for slapping Kelly with a first-degree premeditated murder. Kelly stated in the Motion to Modify, “quite simply, this is a case where an innocent man has been wrongfully accused of a crime.”

“White the prosecutor believes that Mr. Kelly committed First Degree Murder, the shocking lack of evidence linking him to the body makes it a far stretch for anyone to believe that Mr. Kelly murdered an unarmed person on his land with premeditation. Of all possible explanations for this person’s death, this is the least plausible.”

In addition, Kelly’s defense argued that the rancher would have not called the police had he been behaving in a way that backed the prosecution’s theory. 

Kelly was also slapped with two counts of aggravated assault after two survivors testified about the incident. The state alleges that Kelly shot an “unarmed” man in the back “in an unprovoked attack as he ran for his life” more than 100 yards from his ranch property. The defense claims that Kelly only fired warning shots in the air earlier in the day after seeing armed individuals get close to his property. 

Kelly’s defense said to the court on February 22 that there was a “large incentive structure for people to come forward and to have claimed to have been witnesses,” owing to “pressure from traffickers who have an interest in blaming this event on Mr. Kelly.” 

“Testimony is something that is bought and sold by drug traffickers the same way that drugs and people are bought and sold,” Larkin said on February 22. 

Hopefully, Kelly is set completely free. This is the height of anarcho-tyranny, where the lawful get punished while the criminals are allowed to get off scot free for their misdeeds. One of the cultural Left’s goals is to destroy the right to self-defense which will put criminals — domestic and illegal aliens — at an unfair advantage against the law-abiding. 

In an anarcho-tyrannical state, people will not be allowed to defend their property, as illegal aliens routinely national sovereignty, while the most violent segments of these illegal invaders will prey upon the innocent with impunity. Now, more than ever, order must be restored in the US.

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