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Glenn Beck Sides With Charlie Kirk And Drag Queens



The Blaze recently smeared America First attendees at Turning Point USA’s “Culture War LIVE” event at Ohio State University that took place on October 29, 2019.

In a piece titled “Turning Point USA blasts white nationalist, homophobic ‘trolls’ who ‘sabotaged’ event Q&A“,  The Blaze highlighted how Turning Point USA President Charlie Kirk and TPUSA contributor Rob Smith hit back against anti-gay “trolls” who  allegedly “sabotaged” the Q&A segment of the OSU event.

With gusto, Glenn Beck’s publication is seemingly endorses Charlie Kirk’s brand of drag queen conservatism.

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Benny Johnson, the organization’s chief creative officer, tweetedThere were a number of trolls who sabotaged the Q&A portion of tonight’s @tpusa event. Many of the questions were abhorrent and were not asked in good faith. White nationalism and anti-gay hatred have no place in our movement. This is what the Left wants. It’s time to Wake Up.”

Smith, who according to his Twitter bio is “proudly despised by leftists AND the alt-right!”,  helped Kirk derail several pointed questions directed towards the conservative leaders.

When asked about the demographic implications of Third World mass migration, Kirk scoffed at the question and said he found it “to be a racist question.” He then added, “I do not think that America should become a white ethno-state,” and views it as a “fringe perspective.”

Kirk says all this without providing evidence to his claims, instead just throwing around accusations.

Despite the counter-signaling put on by TPUSA leaders, the questions of mass migration are valid given the economic impact, effects on public security, and overall political impact that unchecked inflows of immigration will have on a country.

Vincent James of the Red Elephants YouTube channel has done extensive research on the impact mass migration could have the GOP’s electoral prospects in the next few decades. Additionally, BLP reported on how the 2018 mid-term elections witnessed districts with foreign voters higher than the national average vote Democrat 90 percent of the time.

TPUSA can dismiss immigration skeptics as “racists” or “nativists”, but the questions they ask hold the keys to the Republican Party’s survival.

The Republican Party has the default voter base for the ideas of free markets and limited government in America. But if that base is diluted through continuous inflows of migrants, there will be no place for Kirk and other legacy conservatives to advance their ideas, let alone win major elections.





Florida Senator Moving to Designate “Donald J. Trump Highway” in Honor of 45th President

One of the greatest presidents in American history.



Florida State Senator Anthony Sabatini will move to rename a highway in the state “Donald J. Trump Highway,” in honor of the 45th President.

Sabatini made the announcement in a tweet on Tuesday. US 27 ultimately travels from Miami, Florida, to Fort Wayne, Indiana, traversing the United States from south to north. The segment located in Florida would be renamed after Trump in Sabatini’s proposal.

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Public infrastructure is increasingly named after Presidents while they’re in office or shortly after their departure. Several schools and highways have been named after former President Barack Obama less than five years after his departure from office. Every President in recent American history has received a highway named in his honor, usually after leaving office.

Republicans have strong majorities in both of the Florida House of Representatives and Senate, ensuring a strong chance that Sabatini’s highway proposal will ultimately succeed and become law.

President Trump is the first President in history from Florida, having changed his state of residency from New York to the southern state during his term in office. The President is slated to begin his post-presidency life by returning to the state on Wednesday, where it’s expected that he’ll reside at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach.

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