Glenn Greenwald Calls Out Establishment Media for Russia Hoax

Glenn Greenwald, a progressive journalist and editor of The Intercept, called out corporate mainstream media outlets such as MSNBC and CNN for their roles in propagating Russia-based conspiracies while on Tucker Carlson Tonight Thursday.

Greenwald is a left-of-center journalist who isn’t afraid to criticize establishment media for lies and dishonesty. From the beginning of the seemingly endless Russia probe, Greenwald pushed back on attempts from sponsored media personalities such as Rachel Maddow to depict Donald Trump and his presidency as controlled opposition puppeteered by Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. The conspiracy theories, Greenwald asserted, were fuel for a hawkish project to create hostility between the United States and Russia without regards for the consequences.

In doing so, he became a target of fury from establishment Democrats and their associated media outlets. The New Yorker ran an article of the Brazilian resident known for his work with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden likening him to a conspiracy theorist.

Greenwald pointed out the unipolar bias of MSNBC and traditional liberal media in alleging Russia collusion conspiracies. Skeptics of the conventional narrative of a grand Trump-Russia conspiracy were largely blackballed from appearing on air, while “journalists” being fed information from Deep-state linked government officials peddled grand claims that have surfaced to be entirely and completely false. 

Watch Greenwald’s segment with Tucker here:

MSNBC should have their top hosts go before the cameras and hang their heads in shame.” That’s gotta hurt.

The Russia conspiracy will go on the enter the Hall of Fame of Fake News perpetrated by the establishment media corporations. But don’t expect them to learn their lesson this time, or anytime soon.

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