Glenn Greenwald Crushes Neocons on Tucker Carlson’s Show

Glenn Greenwald called out neoconservatives on Tucker Carlson’s show on Friday.

Greenwald specifically called out journalists and columnists clamoring for war with Iran. He also expressed disbelief with how certain journalists, who get foreign policy matters wrong, end up getting cushy gigs in the journalist space.

He singled out Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic, in particular, for being wrong about the Iraq War.  The journalist claimed that “Jeffrey Goldberg’s articles won a national magazine award for creating a grotesque conspiracy that resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of people.”

Greenwald concluded, “Not only should he not be in journalism, he should be out of decent society.”

When Tucker asked Greenwald about the bipartisan fetish for war, the progressive journalist responded that war “is exciting, so it drives media ratings, it makes people buy newspapers.”
Greenwald even cited the example of Ben Shapiro’s hawkish tweets, where he said, “Disproportionate response to attacks on US assets are a good way of showing our enemies that we will mash them if they continue to escalate.”

In his view, Shapiro’s comments are “something that people say when they go through life feeling inadequate, and without any kind of purpose or strength, so it gives people strength.”

The past week has had political commentators up in arms after President Trump decided to not strike Iran after it allegedly shot down an America drone in international waters. Ben Shapiro was one of the people notably calling for decisive military action.

Thankfully, for the America First crowd, Trump did not tow the neocon line.

Although not in the America First camp, Glenn Greenwald’s anti-war journalism has provided a strong defense against the calls for intervention from both neoliberals and neoconservatives in the Washington sphere.

Him and Tucker Carlson will likely be some of the loudest voices for non-interventionism in the next year.

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