Glenn Greenwald Exposes How Fake News Media Drives Big Tech Censorship at Congressional Hearing

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald appeared before Congress this week to deliver remarks on the “free and diverse press.”

Greenwald was introduced by Clay Travis, the founder of sports blog Outkick the Coverage. Travis has gained a large following for his website by refusing to embrace unpopular woke-ism in sports journalism, which has caused ESPN’s ratings to sink like a stone in recent years.

The founder of The Intercept who was forced to leave his outlet due to censorship concerns explained to politicians that the fake news media is driving Big Tech repression against free speech.

“The one point I’d like to emphasize, Congressman, about that is Big Media, the largest media corporations in the United States, are not opposed to the censorious behavior of Big Tech. Quite the contrary, they’re the ones who have agitated for it most aggressively,” he said.

“If you ask people in Silicon Valley, they would all other things being equal prefer to be out of the business of content moderation and have been pressured by Big Media companies for both ideological and competitive reasons to silence others who might compete with these large outlets in the name of diversity,” Greenwald added.

He concluded his point by making a plea to the members of Congress about the need to protect a true free press at the grassroots level.

“What I think everyone is saying is very valid in this concern for the viability of local media outlets. So if that’s the case, the focus ought to be on empowering these local media outlets to sustain themselves and to grow and flourish and not empower the actors who are causing so many of the problems which we are all talking about, which are big media outlets either acting in concert with Big Tech or in many cases co-opting the power that they wield,” Greenwald explained.

His entire comment can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on Greenwald smoking out Democrat schemes designed to ensure continued corporate hegemony by exploiting the diversity angle:

Left-wing journalist Glenn Greenwald is taking aim at the diversity scam run by the Democrat Party after a series of unhinged attacks on journalist reporting on a powerful woman’s finances.

Greenwald is repulsed by Democrats for throwing around the woman card to deflect from news that former Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen received millions of dollars from corporations to give speeches after departing from her position as the nation’s top central banker. Yellen is “president-elect” Joe Biden’s choice to return as Fed chair…

Greenwald explained how Democrats cynically use diversity as a cudgel to neutralize criticisms about how they have become the corporatist party…

The far-left journalist encouraged his fellow activists to reject these disgusting ploys and agitate against corporatism among the Democrat ranks…

To his great credit, Greenwald never succumbed to Trump Derangement Syndrome like so many of his liberal journo counterparts.

Greenwald has commanded a large, eclectic following because he is a left-wing journalist willing to call out the excesses of the radicalized Democrats.

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