Glenn Greenwald on Tucker: Mainstream Media Handling of Biden Family Corruption Story “Historic Crime and a Disgrace”

Former InterceptĀ editor Glenn Greenwald called out the corporate media’s handling of the Biden laptop and family corruption story as a “historic crime and a disgrace” in an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Thursday. The Biden laptop story, which was smugly dismissed by rogue government officials and the mainstream media as Russian disinformation without any evidence, has since been largely vindicated- after the election. The Biden campaign admitted that Hunter Biden’s tax affairs are being investigated by the US Attorney for Delaware on Wednesday, an admission that was followed by reports suggesting inquiries into the younger Biden’s overseas business deals are more in-depth than simply tax compliance issues.

Watch the scathing segment here.

Tucker assailed the undemocratic non-disclosure of the Biden criminal investigation from the elder Biden’s campaign, pointing out the failure of the corporate media to accurately report on the corruption scandal.

Yesterday, millions of Americans learned, some for the very first time- that the Biden family has indeed been deeply immeshed in a series of sleazy international business deals that undercut America’s core interests. We learned that there is an active federal criminal investigation for that very reason. What’s interesting is how we found this out. The media didn’t tell us. Neither did the Justice Department.

Greenwald, a journalist who has reported on Deep State and “intelligence” community misconduct for years, assailed the dishonesty of corporate news operatives such as Christine Amanpour and Oliver Darcy for falsely asserting that reports of Hunter Biden’s corruption were lies or Russian disinformation. Discredited former government officials such as John Brennan had also sought to dismiss the Hunter Biden story on dishonest grounds, and Big Tech utilized a censorship campaign unprecedented in American history to try and bury the bombshell corruption story.

We need to recognize what a historic crime and disgrace this is. As soon as these documents became known, James Brennan, James Clapper, all the standard professional liars, issued a letter claiming this material was the hallmark of Russian disinformation, even though they had no basis for thinking that. And that gave the media permission to lie to the public continuously… And for Silicon Valley to censor these materials.

This is an incredible crime by the corporate media and a lie to the public to bury information before an election, but also, domestic interference on the part of intelligence agencies in order to manipulate the outcome of our election.

The corporate media will never regain its credibility.

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