Globalist Jeff Bezos Invited Jeffrey Epstein’s Accomplice to Secret Society Meeting Last Year

Amazon founder and Washington Post kingpin Jeff Bezos is one of the most influential globalist oligarchs in the world, and he invited Ghislaine Maxwell to a meeting of his secret society for influential writers last year.

VICE has discovered that Maxwell, who has been fingered in civil court documents as the long-time accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein, was invited by Bezos to his Campfire meeting in 2018. She has been called out by many of Epstein’s alleged victims as the fiend who helped the late Democrat-affiliated predator groom underage girls for his sex trafficking operation.

Bezos holds his annual Campfire, a gala meeting where he invites Hollywood celebrities, tech moguls, top authors, and other influential figures to mingle under the cover of darkness. Two different attendees confirmed off the record that Maxwell appeared at the 2018 event. She did not appear at the 2019 event that convened last month, following Epstein’s mysterious death that was ruled a suicide by the authorities.

The New York Times disclosed details about the secretive nature of Bezos’ annual Campfire event in a 2014 profile:

When Jeff Bezos tells writers to keep quiet, they obey.

Every fall, Mr. Bezos, the founder of Amazon, hosts Campfire, a literary weekend in Santa Fe, N.M. Dozens of well-known novelists have attended, but they do not talk about the abundance of high-end clothing and other gifts, the lavish meals, the discussion under the desert stars by Neil Armstrong or the private planes that ferried some home…

Some writers, when contacted about their past attendance and asked whether they were going this year, reacted with something akin to terror. One writer begged not to be mentioned in any way, insisting that it was a private, off-the-record event and should remain so, lest Mr. Bezos be offended…

The Amazon mogul does not make attendees sign nondisclosure forms. His team just cautions them that the weekend is off the record. Even those who like to share their every thought on Twitter and Facebook have kept it that way…

Mr. Bezos, who built Amazon from its dot-com roots as a bookseller into one of the country’s biggest retailers, knows the psychology of writers, several past attendees said in interviews. “You come to this exclusive event, you are treated fabulously and you get access to the next Steve Jobs, who happens to control how many books you sell,” one said.

Bezos, whose messy public feud with President Donald Trump has become headline news in recent years, sees himself as the new master of reality. He very well may be allying himself with some of the world’s seediest actors in service of Moloch toward the ends of a satanic one-world government.

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