Globalist Koch Network Comes Out Against Banning Critical Race Theory in American Schools

The globalist Koch Network has come out against the banning of the racist, Marxist curriculum commonly referred to as critical race theory in U.S. schools.

“Using government to ban ideas, even those we disagree with, is also counter to core American principles — the principles that help drive social progress,” said Evan Feinberg, who serves as  executive director of the Stand Together Foundation, a Koch front.

Additionally, Charlie Ruger, who serves as the Charles Koch Foundation’s vice president of philanthropy, came out against banning the controversial curriculum in May.

“Both learning and research require openness to new ideas and the ability to argue productively,” Ruger wrote in The Chronicle of Higher Education. “That requires standing against censorship.”

Making matters even worse, academics with the CATO Institute, a prominent Washington D.C. “free market” thinktank founded in part by the Kochs, have come out in favor of the 1619 Project, which seeks to uproot the genesis of the U.S. founding and replace it with a blatantly false anti-white psuedohistory. 

“The relationship between black people and the white institutions that oppressed them is one of the most consequential features of American history. The most prominent of America’s contradictions is that its Founding documents were written by white men who owned black human beings as farm equipment, yet they expressed a commitment to liberty,” wrote Matthew Feeney, who works as director of Cato’s Project on Emerging Technologies.

“What is clear is that the United States has yet to fully come to terms with its history of racial violence and oppression. In large part this is because we’re accustomed to measuring our race relations progress through the lenses of military, political, and legislative victories,” he continued.

“If initiatives like The 1619 Project can help Americans better understand their history and institutions then they should be applauded,” Feeney added.

Big League Politics has reported on how the Koch Network, after co-opting the tea party during its rise, now no longer holds back their disdain for the American people:

Libertarian “conservative” mega donor Charles Koch has expressed regret over funding the Tea Party movement. He claims that in addition to failing to reduce the national debt, it helped usher in an era of extreme partisanship that has culminated in the presidency of Donald Trump.

Koch expressed these sentiments in a forthcoming book co-written with Brian Hooks titled Believe in People: Bottom-Up Solutions for a Top-Down World.

“Boy, did we screw up!” Koch wrote. “What a mess!”

His and his late brother David’s decision to pour money into the Tea Party movement was because “we shared their concern about unsustainable government spending,” said Koch in an email to the Wall Street Journal. But now he regrets it because government spending has increased even more and, in his view, the Tea Party deepened the ideological divide between Democrats and Republicans.

In an effort to shed his “partisanship,” Koch is trying to work with Democrats on issues like immigration, criminal justice reform, and foreign policy—though he still does give overwhelmingly to Republicans.

The Wall Street Journal describes Koch’s book overall as “part mea culpa, part self-help guide and part road map toward a libertarian America. Along the way, the book traces Mr. Koch’s life from hardheaded adolescent to student, engineer, industrialist, tycoon and political mastermind. The book suggests that he wants to add one final act: philosopher and, he hopes, unifier.”

The Kochs have shown that prominent oligarchs, even ones who claim to be right-wing, are all in on the destruction of America to fuel their relentless profit-seeking and hostile business practices.

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