Globalist Operative: Pedophilia is a ‘Sexual Orientation’ and Pedophiles Are ‘Born’ That Way

Psychologist Madeleine van der Bruggen is an adviser to the Dutch National Police, as a supposed expert on sex crimes. She is using her position of authority to lobby on behalf of pedophiles, arguing at TEDxSittard-Geleen that they are “born” with this “sexual orientation.”

“We’re talking about biology, we’re talking about sexual orientation,” she said. “Something that we simply cannot change, and on top of that, everyday new people are born with the same difficulty, so its not practical to eliminate these people from society.”

“They haven’t done anything wrong,” van der Bruggen said of individuals who find sexual attraction to children.

The talk was given last year at the TEDxSittardGeleen conference, a spin-off of the popular Ted talks series that is organized independently. It can be seen in full here:

The Dutch psychologist argued during her speech that more leniency is needed for pedophiles. She built her argument using emotional appeals to the audience.

“In fact, sex offenders aren’t all those violent gruesome men waiting in the bushes for children they can attack,” she said.

Van der Bruggen even seemed to imply that because some pedophiles have friends, family and ties to the community that these individuals should be coddled by the system instead of punished for their acts.

Then she took it a step further and had the audacity to suggest to the audience that their fathers, husbands, and sons could very well be pedophiles.

“What if this time the offender is your neighbor, your colleague, your football mate?” she asked the audience. “What if this time the offender is your husband or your son? What if this time the police show up at your doorstep?”

She made note that pedophiles should be jailed if they have “committed a lot of offenses,” but seemed okay with letting child sex offenders free if they had only committed a handful of crimes.

“We shouldn’t think about this problem only from a criminal justice perspective… Of course when someone has committed a lot of offenses and doesn’t ever intend to stop, we should punish them, but the criminal justice system is only meant to be a last resort, and we should keep it that way,” she said.

After a bizarre non-sequitur about #metoo hysteria, she concluded her speech arguing that society needs to “break the taboo” surrounding pedophilia and sex crimes.

“Let’s stop with hate. Let’s stop with negative vibes in the media, and let’s stop with throwing rocks at offenders’ houses because it’s not going to take us anywhere,” van der Bruggen said.

Van der Bruggen’s speech is apart of a global trend to mainstream the sexualization of children and remove social stigma for pedophiles. Drag queens are openly grooming children at public libraries, children as young as eight are being drugged for gender reassignment surgery, states are doling out millions to entities promoting child abuse, and gyrating kids are centerpieces for strip shows at bars.

Modern liberals are enthusiastically sacrificing the innocence of children on the altar of diversity and tolerance. The West will continue down the slippery slope toward Sodom and Gomorrah until progressivism is brought to an end.

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