Globalists Cover Up ‘Serious Crimes’ by Third-World Migrants to Fuel Resettlement Industry

Dutch authorities have been caught hiding crimes such as rape, murder and battery committed by third-world migrants by classifying them as “other incidents” to draw less attention to them and fuel the resettlement industry, Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf has found.

The newspaper found that offenses listed as “other incidents” included 79 sex crimes such as rape, child pornography, and sexual abuse of minors. Law enforcement had to deal with 51 cases of migrant battery and 31 cases of murder or manslaughter that were mis-classified as well.

Additionally, police had to deal with four counts of kidnap or hostage taking, human trafficking on four occasions, and a disturbance of the peace on 73 occasions. These were hidden from the public view, as a clear trend is forming.

Dutch authorities have used these deceptive practices in the past. The newspaper had to use legal steps in order to get similar figures in 2017. The Ministry of Justice and Safety at first claimed they did not track the data, which turned out to be a lie as it was incredibly voluminous once it was discovered and released to media officials.

Despite being caught red-handed, the Ministry still denies any culpability. They insist they did nothing wrong in how they logged the numbers and pointed blame toward police. MP Jasper van Dijk isn’t accepting the excuses.

“It is remarkable that the Ministry didn’t report this [want of information], this is a lack of transparency. We need to know what we are debating,” he said.

Shoplifting was the most popular offense with 2030 cases, with pick-pocketing, purse snatching, physical assault and verbal threats following close behind.

Law enforcement tallied 4600 crimes committed by migrants in the year 2018 alone with reports of aggressive attitudes increasing 50 percent as the invaders become more brazen. Perpetrators mainly came from the countries of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia and are unlikely to be deported.

This comes after news that the refugee resettlement program commissioned by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is rife with corruption, as bribes determine which refugees are dumped in the West. Taxpayer-funded NGOs are also getting papered over to deliver third-world migrants into unsuspecting American communities as well.

The refugee crisis is no longer just a European problem, but an American one as well.

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