GoFundMe For Brett Kavanaugh’s Family Closes In On Half Million Dollars

A GoFundMe to raise money for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is approaching its goal of $500,000 as of Monday morning.

Journalist John Hawkins, who runs Right Wing News, set up the fundraising page amid unprecedented attacks on Kavanaugh, who stands accused of assaulting a woman, though no concrete evidence has been presented.


“Like many decent people from both parties, I have been disgusted by the unsubstantiated 36 year old smears aimed at Brett Kavanaugh. We live in a country where innocent until proven guilty is supposed to mean something; yet Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation is being dragged through the mud while his family is facing non-stop death threats,” writes Hawkins.

It has been suggested by his critics that Kavanaugh could be prosecuted — he is currently under FBI investigation — and that he could lose his judgeship.

Kavanaugh’s supporters around the country are making sure that Kavanaugh’s family is looked after. Though his daughters have to grow up in a world where their father has been accused of a terrible crime, they can take heart in the vast array of support for his innocence.

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