GOOD RIDDANCE: #NeverTrump Outlet Weekly Standard Preparing to Shut Down

The sanctimonious clowns at the Weekly Standard, led by #NeverTrump head honcho Bill Kristol, have finally succumbed to a market that no longer cares about their losing brand of faux-conservatism in the age of President Donald J. Trump.

“The Weekly Standard is not expected to survive going into 2019 and is preparing to shut down permanently, according to several former and current staff members who spoke to The Daily Caller News Foundation,” according to Daily Caller. 

Billionaire Philip Anschutz, the owner of the publication, was reportedly frustrated “with the direction of the magazine,” as were the sane members of the GOP who no longer wished to be ruled by an elite class of establishment Republicans who capitulated Democrats on every issue imaginable.

Kristol, the editor of the publication, was perhaps the most vocal Trump critic in the GOP. He openly dropped his support for the Republican party when Trump won the GOP presidential nomination (because why bother listening to what those peasants in Middle America want?) and advocated for a Hillary Clinton presidency.

There are rumors that the publication could be folded into a page of the Washington Examiner, but according to the report, a current editor at Weekly Standard  said it is more likely that the publication will shut down completely.

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