Pro-Gun & Pro-Life Virginia State Senator Announces Her Campaign for Governor

Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase announced her campaign to succeed controversial governor Ralph Northam while speaking outside the state capital on Monday.

Chase is known for her willingness to challenge Northam’s progressive agenda, and she staked out defense of the Second Amendment as a leading campaign proposal in her announcement speech.

She slammed the leftward drift of Virginia Democrats, who have taken advantage of a progressive tilt in the state’s population to push an agenda that many have considered radical for the state.

Liberal bills are now mandating a 100% increase in the minimum wage, abortion at birth, drivers licenses’ for illegal, [assault weapons bans] that got defeated today… and the list goes on. Virginians deserve better! Virginians deserve better than the liberal socialistic agenda that has taken over the state capital.

Chase went on to slam Virginia sanctuary city and state policies that enable illegal alien crime without repercussions.

Northam won’t be running for governor again, as Virginia executives are limited to only one term by the state constitution. But the racially controversial governor’s tainted legacy could give conservatives a chance to regain power in the state government through unifying the commonwealth’s diverse population.

Chase is known for her willingness to challenge Northam, when some Republican state senators and delegates have declined to do so. She called for Northam’s resignation shortly after he began a now seemingly failed gun control push, citing his shocking defense of moment-of-birth abortion and infamous blackface controversy.

Chase is also unafraid to fight liberal elements within her own party, resigning from the Republican caucus in the state senate when a liberal centrist took control of it.


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