Google and YouTube Censor News On Draconian Treatment Of Our Nation’s Finest

Big League Politics recently reported on recent moves by leadership of the United States Military Academy, West Point, who have forced healthy soldiers into draconian solitary confinement as punishment for not receiving the COVID-19 vaccine:

Those who have elected not to take the vaccine endure forced masking all around West Point, specifically differentiating them from students who took the shot. Disgruntled parents of several cadets are in the process of organizing legal counsel for their children, with CDMedia reporting that they are “banding together to fight this perceived criminal behavior by those in power over their children.”

Per National File, a whistleblower gave a detailed account of the restrictions unvaccinated cadets must face. Cadets returning for summer programs will be forced into a 7 day quarantine with 23 out of 24 hours of each day involving strict solitary confinement, with only an hour granted to walk or run outside. It does not at all matter if the cadets are perfectly healthy, nor if they show a negative COVID-19 test; they are subjected to the requirement regardless. Initially, 700 cadets reportedly refused the vaccine. That number has now fallen significantly to around 50 after allegations of pressure by “senior officials” at the premier military school caused many cadets to either leave altogether or cave to their demands.

The full article can be found here.

In a similarly damning move, Google has clearly engaged in an intentional cover-up of the story so it does not meet the public eye. Big League Politics conducted an investigation searching platforms to compare the story’s exposure across the web. 

The search phrase “west point military cadets one week quarantine” was entered into both Google and a smaller search engine called DuckDuckGo. Similar phrases with changed wording such as “military cadets one week quarantine” were also used, producing similar results. Unlike Google and other large search engines, DuckDuckGo vows to never store the personal information of any user. 

Images of the findings and relevant captions can be found below, with DuckDuckGo showing recently relevant articles on the top of the first page. Google, on the other hand, has nothing regarding West Point Academy’s recent policy until one clicks to the fourth page of the search engine, only to find a single article on the topic mid-page. Interestingly, Google props West Point Academy’s COVID-19 related website posts to the top results, whereas DuckDuckGo does not. Same search, two different stories. 

DuckDuckGo’s results, which immediately push relevant results to the top.

Google’s 4th page, finally showing just one relevant result.


Fittingly, Youtube is also throttling any content regarding the treatment of students at West Point. When searching on the video upload website BitChute, results involving reports on the topic are readily available. In stark contrast, upon thoroughly searching Youtube, it appears the video is being censored there as well, with no results appearing even after utilizing Youtube’s advanced search filters. The phrase “west point academy quarantine” was entered and filtered for “Upload date.” 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is west-point-academy-quarantine-filtered-by-upload-date-Youtube-1024x645.png

When examining the evidence, it is difficult to not conclude that Google has been engaging in yet another intentional censorship of news that doesn’t fit the narrative. This time, however, it is to suppress news of the draconian solitary confinement that our nation’s heroes-in-training, healthy West Point cadets, are being subjected to.  We’ve read this book before. Some politicians have entertained the idea of breaking up big tech, with Republican Senator Josh Hawley (MO) recently unveiling a ‘Trust-Busting’ initiative. Whether big tech companies like Google and others will be held accountable remains to be seen. 

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