Google Bans Conservative Mayoral Candidate’s Ads Without Explanation

A Toronto mayoral candidate has been de-platformed from Google without explanation in the 48 hours leading up to Toronto’s election day.

“’Our support team will not be able to give you any more specifics on the suspension,” said Faith Goldy, quoting Google’s support team message to her campaign. “ isn’t even trying to make their censorship of the Faith Goldy Campaign look legit!”

Saturday, Goldy alerted her Twitter followers to the Google ban.

just paused the Faith Goldy for Toronto Mayor ads for NO REASON Here’s their “circumventing systems” policy: TOTAL LIES! One account, one credit card, for one campaign. And Google offices aren’t open until the day of the election!”

The vote is taking place Monday in Toronto.

Only weeks ago, a Canadian television giant broke a contract to run Goldy’s ads.

Big League Politics reported:

Toronto mayoral candidate Faith Goldy held a press conference Tuesday morning to announce a lawsuit against a Canadian television station which refused to run her campaign ads.

“The purpose of the Press Conference is to announce and answer questions about a law suit against Bell Media, Inc. for an Order compelling them to broadcast Faith Goldy’s electoral advertisement,” the release for the press conference said. “The lawsuit is based on violation of Ms. Goldy’s constitutional right to freedom of expression during an election, breach of contract, and a violation of regulations made under the Broadcasting Act.”

Goldy, a “Canada First” candidate who has vowed to fight radical Islamic terror in Toronto, has already been shunned from debates and ignored by the press during her candidacy in an effort to silence her.

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