Google Bans Popular Conservative Blogs From Ad Platform After Complaints From NBC News

Tech behemoth Google has banned ZeroHedge and The Federalist from their advertisement platform following a complaint made by NBC News.

“We have strict publisher policies that govern the content ads can run on and explicitly prohibit derogatory content that promotes hatred, intolerance, violence or discrimination based on race from monetizing,” a spokesperson for Google wrote about the decision to censor. “When a page or site violates our policies, we take action. In this case, we’ve removed both sites’ ability to monetize with Google.”

The NBC News Verification Unit lobbied Google to punish the news sites because they carried content that was less than flattering about the Black Lives Matter (BLM) terror movement. Any dissent from the black dominance riots must be crushed for the sake of the cultural revolution that is being fomented by institutional power.

The supposed evidence used to justify the banning of these conservative websites from receiving Google ad revenue comes from research compiled by the Center for Countering Digital Hate, a British-based special interest group that agitates for Big Brother censorship.

“We found that lots of those companies are inadvertently funding through their advertising content that is outright racist in defense of white supremacism and contains conspiracy theories about George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement,” said Imran Ahmed, who is CEO of the thought control organization.

Google has thus far donated “$12 million in funding to organizations working to address racial inequities,” showing that they are fully behind the anti-civilizational movement terrorizing the streets. They are now trying to punish independent media outlets that are combating the left-wing narrative pushed by multinational corporations.

NBC News is encouraging more companies to join the mob and pressure corporations like Google into sanctioning conservative outlets that are deemed are guilty of wrongthink.

“The reality is that they [brands] have to start by asking questions,” said Caroline McCarthy, who works as vice president of communications and content at digital advertising company, TrueX. “They have to say, what is my brand content going to be running against? And if the other person on the other side of the conversation can’t give them a straight answer, then that’s a problem.”

“The pressure on the tech companies is only going to come from dollars actually, literally getting pulled,” she added.

Google is exempted under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act from liabilities that publishers would normally be subjected to under the law.

“This censorship and bias is a threat to freedom itself. Imagine if your phone company silenced or edited your conversation. Social media companies have vastly more power and more reach than any phone company in the United States,” Trump said before signing an Executive Order against Big Tech censorship last month.

Until Google is brought to heel by ending Section 230 or being otherwise regulated to prevent their hostile business practices, they will continue to manifest the Orwellian nightmare against conservative voices.

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