Google Censors Tim Pool’s Podcast with Alex Jones for ‘Violating Community Guidelines’

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Journalist Tim Pool’s recent podcast with Infowars founder Alex Jones was quickly censored by Google and pulled from the tech giant’s YouTube platform.

Pool made the announcement on Friday in a tweet, noting that Jones violated YouTube’s “community guidelines” for saying that individuals guilty of treason should meet a firing squad:

Pool said he was hoping to rectify the issue by removing the problematic comment from Jones:

Jones dropped many controversial truth bombs on the podcast, which inflamed whiny leftists on social media.

Pool brought Jones onto his podcast after the incredible success of his recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, which Big League Politics reported about:

Podcaster Joe Rogan spoke with Alex Jones on Tuesday, acknowledging that the so-called conspiracy theorist was the first one he could remember speaking about Jeffrey Epstein, even before the infamous and now-deceased pedophile billionaire was arrested on child prostitution charges for the first time in 2006.

Rogan and Jones were speaking about criminal proceedings against Epstein “madame” and alleged accomplice Ghislane Maxwell when Rogan pointed out that Jones was one of the first commentators to sound the alarm on Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking activities.

“Now, let me right off the bat say… You were telling me about Epstein and this island years ago. You were telling me long before anybody- I think you were even telling me about this before his first arrest!”

Jones went on to explain how he learned about supposed elite pedophile rings from Ted Gunderson, a longtime FBI agent who began correspondence with Jones on the topic in the 1990’s.

Now that the filmmaker and Infowars host has been banned from every single major social media platform, the insight that seems to have led him to to report on Epstein long before the mainstream media caught on to the pedophile’s activities is removed from the de facto digital public square.

Big Tech is at war with Jones, who is one of the most banned individuals in the history of the internet. Even though they have attacked Jones, they have been powerless to stop him because the strength of his platform continues to endure against the odds. 1776 may recommence at the Million MAGA March on Saturday in Washington D.C., where Jones will be a featured speaker.

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