Google Home Page Veteran’s Day Graphic Features Male Marine Wearing a Dress

A ‘google doodle’ commemorating Veteran’s Day in the United States features a male Marine wearing a dress.

The graphic in question features members of various US military branches wearing a uniform on one side of their body and civilian clothing on the other. A male Marine standing second from left is wearing dress blues on one side, with clothing that strongly resembles a dress on the other.

President Donald Trump ordered the Department of Defense to categorize individuals with gender dysphoria as disqualified for military service during his presidency, citing medical costs associated with transgender transition surgeries that would prove detrimental to the military’s mission and readiness. After numerous legal challenges, President Joe Biden overturned the policy upon entering office.

Veteran’s Day isn’t intended to commemorate crossdressing, transgenderism, or ‘woke’ cultural programs. Even one non-political holiday that commemorates American service members without a political cultural program is too much for Big Tech, which increasingly promotes far-left social programs without ceasing.

American veterans and longtime supporters of the armed forces have increasingly questioned what they identify as the insertion of a “woke” agenda in the military. Curiously, Google has refused to work with the Department of Defense as a contractor before, citing the potential of misuse of its products. It appears the military is only worth recognizing to the global monopoly when it’s useful to promote transgenderism.

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