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Gorka to UNC Chapel Hill College Republicans: U.S.’s biggest blunder of past century was not trying Marxists



University of North Carolina College Republicans and Christians United for Israel sponsored a talk by one of President Donald J. Trump’s most senior national security advisor Monday, who gave them a frank view of the threats facing America, including Communism.

“One of the greatest foreign policy mistakes since the Cold War was not having public trials after we defeated communism,” said Professor Sebastian L. Gorka, intelligence analyst and former deputy assistant to the president.

“After World War II, we had the Nuremberg trials to make sure that the Nazis were disgraced. We wanted to make sure that genocide did not happen again,” said Gorka.

“We said that we will show the world, in the place of the Nazi rallies, that we defeated the totalitarians who treated people like they were sub-human,” he said.

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“Nov. 9, 1989, we defeated communism, but where were the trials? Where was the reckoning? Six million people were killed,” Gorka said.

Gorka, author of Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, told the audience that Americans cannot make the same mistake with radical Muslims, as they did with the communists.

“We would know that we have defeated the threats of Jihad when the Black Flag of Jihad is reviled as much as the Nazi Swastika,” he said. “Right now It is sexy to choose the life of Jihad and that has to change and counter propaganda on that ideology is what I advocate.”

Gorka’s speech was met by barely a two dozen protesters, who could be heard inside the hall chanting: “Free Palestine” and “Go Home Gorka.”

Will Rierson, president of UNC College Republicans said, “I think everyone involved with planning the event was very happy with how well it went.”

Protesters greeted Professor Sabastian L. Gorka and continued to chant outside the hall during his appearance at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Monday. (Big League Politics photo by Kari Donovan)

Rierson he was happy the protesters did not prevent Gorka from speaking to the audience of conservative students.

“There were protesters outside, but most attendees never heard them and all of us inside were treated to an excellent speech by Dr. Gorka,” he said.

Professor Chris Clemens,  the school’s senior associate dean for natural sciences and advisor to the UNC College Republicans, opened the program with a plug for new legislation, the North Carolina Law House Bill 527, Restore/Preserve Campus Free Speech.

“We at UNC are proud of our diversity and different viewpoints,” he said. “In accordance with North Carolina law, we remind the audience of the protected free expression of others, and the rights of others to listen to expressive activity.”

Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, who supports the campus free speech bill, told Big League Politics: “The new campus law ensures that our universities will follow the First Amendment and protect the rights of students, faculty, and guests to speak freely on all the issues of the day.”

Forest said the new law was vital to protect academic debate.

“In order for our universities to be effective, the marketplace of ideas must be open on campus,” he said. “Today, with this bill becoming law, free speech will once again be restored and preserved.”

Screenshot of Facebook post by Fasil R. Kahn (Courtesy)

One of the protesters, the Director of the Carolina Peace Center Fasil R. Kahn, told BLP that he opposed the event because Gorka was spreading hate.

Kahn, a Muslim, said he and his groups’ members, and their parents feared for their lives.

“There is no such thing as radical Islam like Gorka tells people,” he said.


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Local Government Demands Christian Family SHUT DOWN Bible Study on Their Own Farm



A Pennsylvania town has sent a cease and desist order to a family that held bible study sessions on its privately-owned farm.

“[Sewickley Heights] Borough leaders accused Scott and Terri Fetterolf of improperly using their 35-acre farm as a place of worship, a place of assembly and as a commercial venue,” wrote Todd Starnes.

The cease and desist was sent to the family in October 2017, and since then the Independence Law Firm has filed suit against the town.

“Government should not target religious activities for punishment, particularly when similar secular activities are permitted,” said Jeremy Samek, Senior Counsel for the Independence Law Center. “In America, no government can categorically ban people from assembling to worship on one’s own property.”

The suit alleges that the town is violating religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and equal protection laws, noting that other assemblies are permitted in the town for a number of different purposes.

“According to the lawsuit, the Fetterolfs were threatened with fines of $500 per day plus court costs for having Bible studies at their home, having meetings where religious songs are sung, conducting any religious retreats for church leaders or seminary students or conducting any religious fundraisers,” Starnes wrote.

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