Paul Gosar Calls Out NATO for Escalating Tensions in Ukraine

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is the kind of military alliance the Founding Fathers warned about.

Its entangling nature puts America at risk of entering potentially dangerous conflicts where no pressing national interest is at stake.  Just look at the present Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Many policymakers in Washington believe that a Slav-on-Slav conflict thousands of miles away somehow involves a critical national interest. In reality, what guides the DC Swamp’s interest in this conflict is the desire to debilitate Russia and make it submit to the liberal hegemonic order. 

DC is committed to this goal irrespective of the massive risks its entails. For one, there’s an increased chance of nuclear conflict between the West and Russia should the former start cranking up military aid and even sending conventional forces into Ukraine to stave off Russian advances. 

There are very few elected officials in DC who are calling for deescalation in this conflict. For example, the entire Democratic Party (Yes, even the progressives) is down with the NATO agenda of cranking up tensions with Russia. It’s only a small grouping of Republicans who want to cool things down.

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar is leading the charge in calling for restraint in Ukraine. He laid out his sentiments on the matter in a tweet he posted on October 12, 2022:

NATO Leadership refuses to offer any sort of off-ramp. They’re not even attempting to deescalate the situation between Ukraine and Russia, and the left slanders anyone who does (like Elon Musk).

We MUST reject nuclear war.

We MUST reject more unnecessary death and destruction.

Indeed, there are scant voices of reason when it comes to foreign policy these days. DC and the media industrial complex that spreads its message are on neoconservative/neoliberal interventionist time. It’s going to take individuals like Gosar to stand up to this pro-war uniparty and change foreign policy. 

At this point, complacency only enables the interventionist predators in the DC Swamp.These people must face resistance for their destructive foreign policy moves.

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